Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! We hope you and your family have a wonderful and happy holiday season, full of incredibly delicious treats, sleep filled nights, and snow, only if it makes you happy.


The J Says Hi

The J would like to say Merry Christmas, mostly because he's wearing his new red winter vest that he purchased specifically for when it snows. He would also like you to take notice of his hair.

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I Place the Blame....

of my blogging absence squarely on the shoulders of this little man. In the past two months, he's cut FIVE teeth (a fifth sharp one poked through today), started cruising around the house (the stairs are his favorite danger spot), got the ridiculous nasty, hand-foot-and mouth disease (I know. It sounds like it belongs on some shoddy farm), And, for the most part, charmed everyone within a 10 foot radius. He's been through a lot, but still remains a completely loveable little jolly fellow, who now waves hi. I'm totally smitten.

He told me he feels a little sheepish about the whole thing...