Ready to Roll...Finally.

Here he is, the man of the hour, the almost two year-old looking ready for his upcoming San Diego vacation, but it wasn't always that way... One Saturday morning, not too long ago, the sweet J woke up and wanted pancakes. Not too much to ask is it? Well, according to his stomach, yes, yes it was way too much to ask.Soon enough he was sicker than anything I've ever seen in my life with a stomach virus. After blacking out on his changing table and having four EMTs surround him for a good half hour, Jared was on his second ambulance ride of the year! Years from now we'll be able to joke that he took an ambulance ride every year to celebrate his birthday...years from now.
The above photo was taken when we got home from the hospital and pretty sums up J's past week: wanting to "play please", only to end up resting his head on the couch.
And this is the Squish at the hospital. Looking at this picture makes me want to cry, so I will stop looking and simply say that I'm very grateful to everyone that helped us through this. Thank you.


Strangeness of it all...

So, I know you are dying to know why I don't blog much anymore. Admit it. Well, for one, I've been running twice this week and now I can't move my body. I know that doesn't explain my blogging lag, but I wanted to get it in there.

I've been working on a new novel and am in a very nauseating third round of edits. Really...I, don't, know, how, to, use, commas. It's a time killer.

To the fun part! I googled: Can I bury a person in my backyard? That is exactly how I typed it in. I looked over my shoulder because it made feel all creepy. It has to do with my novel. Eleanor's (my main character) grandma is buried in Eleanor's meadow. After my little Google search... turns out that's ILLEGAL! Apparently a lot of people want to be buried on a beach and no one wants a surprise when gardening. Kudos to my mom for picking that guffaw out. Only a million more to go...boo.

Anyway, it's not everyday a gal gets to type something so dark and gross into google. Lucky!

Carry on...