Days Off?

(seriously...could you leave these faces?)
So, I finally finished all my paper work, evaluated my calendar, got the approved signatures (I only needed my own), and went to turn them into my HR department. I searched the scary corner in my basement (it really is spooky), I searched the coat closet (equally scary), turns out that department has never ever existed in my house. Ever.

Okay, people, the only person I really bring this up to is Sean. Here it is: the only night I have ever spent away from Gracie (and also Jared) is....when I was having Jared...and, well, I don't think that counts. Anywho, every now and then I get an urge to break away, to be wild and crazy. Usually I just go to the mall, bookstore, or fabric store all by myself. When I'm away I feel giddy. I find myself talking a little too loudly. Even as I'm talking to the sales person I hear a voice in my head asking "why are you shouting?".

Okay, so, some might say that I'm too attached to my kids. I'm not going to argue against this. Because it's true. I love the squirts. But, here it is, my dark secret. Sometimes (as in about once every three months), I sort of check out of being a good mom. I turn the TV on (educational cartoons only), I eat cookies, I don't sweep the floor, a tornado looks as though it's landed for good right on my house, I ALMOST fall asleep while watching them play.

I sometimes feel bad about this, but I've decided I'm going to let the guilt go. Today is my pseudo day off. My kids are happy and healthy and well, I've earned C in the mom department... but as we all know...C's get degrees (that was far and away my worst and most made joke during college).

And...just for the record, I'm planning for my first night (well three) away from my kids. It's in June. I know they will be fine, but I will be a blubbering mess. Because I'm weird. I know that. I've known it for awhile.


Happy Heart Day!

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Frosting perfection...anyone? Anyone?

Landy me. I never blog anymore. Not sure why. I've also stopped commenting. Still have no idea why, as I still read all the blogs, and I totally love all the blogs...Alas, I have no excuse for my poor blogging habits. I still believe everything works in cycles, and my blogging cycle is off rolling around in some meadow.

So, I love to bake. I like to pick something and then perfect it. I am currently obsessed with perfecting my frosting. Right now, I would say my frosting is probably better than average, but I am not looking for average...perfection is my goal. Right now my biggest problem is that it is not as light and fluffy as I would like. There is a bakery near by whose frosting reaches the pinnacle of perfection. They use a butter cream frosting, which is the kind I prefer.

Anyway, for the two of you who happen to stop by, if you happen to know of any frosting tips or recipes, I would greatly appreciate them.

On a completely other tangent, whenever we get home, Gracie quickly changes out of her jeans into her "comfy" pants. Dear me. I hate how my bad habits get absorbed so quickly.