In our Hearts...

Gracie and I were making cookies today and had the following conversation, which sort of made me want to cry and giggle all at the same time. Which turns out is a very weird feeling indeed. The two sort of cancelled each other and made me feel neutral with goose bumps.

"You know the day you were born was one of the best days of my life" I said as I stirred the flour in the bowl.
"That was the day I left Heavenly Father and became a baby."
"That's right sweetheart, and you came to live with me, but we are never really far away from Heavenly Father and Jesus."
"Yeah, Jesus is in my heart. When I go to the doctor, he listens to my heart and hears Jesus."
"That's right, sweetheart, that's right."

I think I might go to the doctor more often and see if he can hear any good advice. Love that Girl.

In another tangent...when I was a senior in high school I found a stray cat. The ladies in my family fell in love with the kitty and named him Scout. Gracie did know Scout. She was one year-old when he died, so that was two years ago. So the other day, Gracie comes up and tells me she has a new cat and his name is Scout. Pretend Scout now has a bed in the corner of our house, a bowl of pretend food and his own little potty. Does she remember Scout from being one? Or is the ghost of Scout really here? I don't know. Either way, I love having Scout around, all the fun, none of the work.

I'm beginning to think Gracie might be plugged into a world I might not be able to see. In the best spiritual way, of course.

As a side note...see if you can find our "junk counter" in the picture.


I'm the Daddy

Hello! Long time no post. I've been doing a lot of housekeeping within myself. You know, a lot of work on my spirit, my creative soul and the like. As a result I haven't spent much time near my computer.
With that being said, Gracie wants a post about her today. We keep playing pretend. She's the mommy and I'm the daddy. The most lovely and hysterical part about this whole thing is that if I lower my voice an octave and sort of grunt she does everything I ask. She's all dressed and ready to go to dinosaur museum. The whole thing took five minutes. It usually takes about 45.

Gracie just said "your earrings look cute dad." I grunted a thank you.


Halloween Gore..I mean Galore....

Sean...The Riddler...Gracie...A Stylish, Mysterious Witch...Jared...A Nervous Tiger...Me...A Big O'l Party Pooper.