I'm the Daddy

Hello! Long time no post. I've been doing a lot of housekeeping within myself. You know, a lot of work on my spirit, my creative soul and the like. As a result I haven't spent much time near my computer.
With that being said, Gracie wants a post about her today. We keep playing pretend. She's the mommy and I'm the daddy. The most lovely and hysterical part about this whole thing is that if I lower my voice an octave and sort of grunt she does everything I ask. She's all dressed and ready to go to dinosaur museum. The whole thing took five minutes. It usually takes about 45.

Gracie just said "your earrings look cute dad." I grunted a thank you.


  1. I like that game. I'll have to teach it to Abby when she's old enough! Especially the obedience aspect.

  2. Good for you! I find that I have to stay away from the computer when I'm doing "housekeeping" also!