What is this thing called a blog?

A Girl This Cute Must Come with a Little Fight.

So, I discovered my blog again today and thought I'd share a little story.

I don't remember this (so I can't really tell you if it happened or not), but my mom told me that when I went in for my kindergarten shots, I threw such a raging, hysterical fit that they needed to bring in more nurses to hold me down. And just to make things interesting, I held my little (and I'm sure darling) backside so tight that they couldn't get the needle in.

Fast forward some 25 years later. I now have a daughter.

And lets just say...

What goes around.

Does come around.

I went in with fake blond hair and left with authentic white.

I've never really experienced anything quite like it before.

And I mean really...who actually likes getting flu shots? I know. No one. Can't really blame her. And now I will sleep better at night knowing that her fight or flight reflex is in excellent working condition.

On the plus side, I pulled out my MOM contract and it says I get a bonus if I get their shots done! I think a pint of B&J's might be on the next grocery store list! Or boots. Nice ones.