What is this thing called a blog?

A Girl This Cute Must Come with a Little Fight.

So, I discovered my blog again today and thought I'd share a little story.

I don't remember this (so I can't really tell you if it happened or not), but my mom told me that when I went in for my kindergarten shots, I threw such a raging, hysterical fit that they needed to bring in more nurses to hold me down. And just to make things interesting, I held my little (and I'm sure darling) backside so tight that they couldn't get the needle in.

Fast forward some 25 years later. I now have a daughter.

And lets just say...

What goes around.

Does come around.

I went in with fake blond hair and left with authentic white.

I've never really experienced anything quite like it before.

And I mean really...who actually likes getting flu shots? I know. No one. Can't really blame her. And now I will sleep better at night knowing that her fight or flight reflex is in excellent working condition.

On the plus side, I pulled out my MOM contract and it says I get a bonus if I get their shots done! I think a pint of B&J's might be on the next grocery store list! Or boots. Nice ones.


  1. LOL. I'm not going to lie, when I was talking to you on the phone tonight, my thoughts did wander to the past. And yes, I'm sure it WAS a darling backside too.

    Kudos for getting it done.

    And Grace T in that photo...uber cuteness.

  2. Look at her darling pierced ears! How did that needle go in comparison to the flu shot needle?

    Boots are definitely in order. Definitely.

  3. You are too funny. I love reading your posts.

  4. Oh, but she is beautiful! And I bet you are a beautiful platinum blonde--hopefully with a pair of new hot boots!