Slightly Alarmed...Again.

Sean: Are you going to have a good day?
Gracie: No.
Sean: Why not?
Gracie: I'm worried about mommy.
Sean: Why?
Gracie: Because she made a mistake.
At least I won't have to worry about the day when Gracie realizes I'm not perfect. She's already figured that one out.

Here's more in the on- going hilarious saga of Jared's camera phobia. He was having such a good time, giggling and laughing....but then I pulled out the camera and the fun stopped there.


Getting Bigger

So the other day, Gracie kisses Jared and then tells him "you're getting so big!"
Anyway. It's the truth. Honestly, it's one week and then it's another and everyone is growing and I can't remember when I've blogged last.

That being said, Jared has the best hair of anyone I've ever seen. He is barely 7 months old and needs a haircut. As do I. But that is another story all together.


Little boxes of Love

It's a pity my anniversary has come and gone...I'm going to have push for one of these boxes next year. After all, I need a place to put the absolutely perfect cards the hubby gives me. Let's also hope we are making more money by then...because they aren't cheap. But a girl must have her dream of little boxes that look like ottomans...right?

(Thanks to http://absolutelybeautifulthings.blogspot.com/)


Seriously Cute...

If I didn't already have five million projects I didn't know how to make, I would order these, make them, and give them to all the ladies I love for Christmas. I'm seriously in love.


Project Home Life

Dear Gracie, Instead of perfecting my non-existent sewing skills and pinning all my hopes on becoming the next star of Project Runway, I thought I could best serve my community by becoming your mother. That being said, there are some side effects. Some unfortunate side effects. However, if I didn't have a bizarre desire to design clothes, then I would never have discovered that you popped out of the womb ready to be America's Next Top Model. I am not sure what to do about your new found talent. I think I will pretend that it doesn't exist...like my sewing ability. Love, your mother.

So I had some leftover curtain material and made Gracie a rather fabulous dress. Which is perfect because I now have a Halloween costume for her. It took a little forcing, but I figure this might be the last year when I'll have the ability to manipulate my child into being something she'd rather not be...

What do you want to be for Halloween?
A wolf (there is now way I can make that costume).
Mmm...What else do you want to be?
A Shadow (which, I personally think is awesome, but I already have a dress made out of curtains).
Mmmm...how about a princess, a fairy or a beauty queen?
A beauty queen.

On second thought I think I am going to push for an angel, because I really want to do some cool white/silver glitter eye make-up, as opposed to heavy make up for a beauty queen. Maybe I'll make Jared be a shadow...

As a side note...Gracie came up with the pink scarf idea all by herself (thanks Bethany, we love that scarf, I mean really love it). After I dressed her up, she tottered away and came back with it. I think it makes a lovely addition.

Be Fierce my love, be fierce....


Stylish Villager

Okay, so I am in love with this scarf (the one above). In fact, I'm almost always having some type of love affair with some scarf or another. My daughter's closet would attest to it. My daughter's closet you ask? Yes. That is where they eventually end up...as belts for my two year-old. I buy them, then I'm not sure exactly what to do with them. I've tried tying them like the picture above...then I look in a mirror and discover that instead of looking like Grace Kelly or Marilyn Monroe, I look like I've just bustled in from the outskirts of a Russian village. Maybe I'll take a class. Until then, Gracie will continue to have fantastic belts.