We'll See...

So in a purely dramatic fashion, I called Sean 15 times, had my super fantastic neighbor (thanks!) come watch Gracie, called my mom 14 times, my sister once, my cousin once, my best friend once, my doctor once, all to see if they knew I was in labor. I am plum exhausted, and none of them could tell me for sure.

Talk about a rough day. It all started with severe back cramping follwed by either real contractions or those danged Braxton Hicks things. Anyway I wandered around my house for three hours with tears streaming down my face until I decided I should make some calls. My contractions never did get regular. I still have nasty cramping, but it's too soon. I've decided I need to make it to the 12th. That puts me totally in the black as far as full term. I don't want Jared to come close to being premature. I don't want him to spend his first days in the NICU. I really don't. Having a healthy full-term baby is stressful enough and personally, I am through with stress. So there. I've decided. I am going to tell Jared no. He can't come out yet. I understand that he is squished and excited to get here, but the answer is no, because I said so.

In a totally different topic I am really into the music of Sara Bareilles. I downloaded her new album and can't stop playing it. I highly reccomend. My spell check isn't working. Spelling is not my strong point, please forgive my many errors.


Favorite Memory

The year: 2002.

I had just graduated college and was working, yes, at a sporting goods store. Not in the news as a killer reporter, but as a sales clerk hawking Olympic goods. (the only up side being that I was one of the first people to get those silly beret hats). I had finished work and was leaving to meet my two friends. We were going to wander the streets in search of snow boarders.

I met my friends and we left the downtown mall. The minute our feet hit the pavement we were swept up in a sea of people. Everyone was cheering, yelling and smiling. Not one to go against the crowd I happily allowed myself to be pushed along by this wave of good cheer. In fact, I was so easy going that next thing I knew I was IN THE FRONT ROW of a waiting crowd. I still had no idea what I was waiting for, but the excitement in the air was so contagious. Mary (one of my friends with me) and I kept smiling and cheering. Finally I asked someone next to me what was going on.

"The torch passing to the the first presidency" he yelled.

Right on! Check me out. I was on the front row to a coveted event. I stood there and chatted until the sound of sirens filled the air. Next thing I knew someone ran in front of me holding the Olympic torch and out stepped the first presidency. I cheered as the runner ran up the steps to the building (I can't remember which one it was). The crowed grew sort of silent as the torch being held by the LDS Church president, Gordon B. Hinckley was lit. The crowd erupted. I yelled like a twelve year-old at a Justin Timberlake concert. Cried like one too. That night I walked home in the frosty air, to my new apartment and new life, with an uplifted heart.

I will sure miss him.

My silly hat


New Title

Please excuse me if this blog doesn't make any sense. I can no longer be held accountable for my actions or my emotions. Case in point: I cried at the grocery store when Dixie Chicks' "Traveling Soldier" blared over the speakers. I cried when I smudged my newly painted nails. I cried when I tried to blog earlier and nothing came to my mind. It takes me ten minutes to get up the stairs. I'm pretty sure I could go on and on, but I will spare you the details. Only one month left!!!

Anyway, when I first started to blog my intention was for it to be a blog where I posted bits and pieces of my fiction writing, hence the name "Elements of Style". I named it after one of my favorite grammar books, nerdy and bookish, I know. It turns out that I have not once posted bits of my fiction - ever. I decided to rename my blog to suit it a little better: whimsical bits from the doodles of my mind.

In my current state of creative constipation, Sean thought up the name and did the design. I owe him a big THANK YOU! and maybe when I feel more attractive, a great big kiss, but for now he'll have to settle for a wave across the room as I can't be bothered to put my cake down.

Speaking of cake, my pregnancy had finally rubbed off on Sean! I've heard of stories where men gain weight along with their wives when they are prego. Not the case with me my friends. Today Sean comes home from the grocery store where he has purchased two large slabs of cake. Never once in our married lives have I seen him do anything like this. I asked him was he abducted by an alien? He stood there and looked as confused as me. It's really time I had this baby. Every one's becoming confused.

As a side note, I think it would be highly flattering if an alien did abduct Sean because that would mean some creature from outer space traveled millions and millions of miles just to be with me. The whole thing would be devastating, but highly flattering nonetheless.

I must go now as I would like to make it up the stairs before tomorrow...


Proud Moment

I can honestly say I am not sure when I've been prouder, when I finally slugged my way to news producer or when my sweet daughter pooped in her potty. All things considered, I would have to say it is the latter.

Today Gracie conquered a gigantic fear and came out a winner. Way to go girl! I am so proud of you!


Perfect Snowy Day...

I am beginning to discover how sometimes the most perfect days are unplanned and unexpected. Yesterday I woke up to discover about 10 inches of snow covering our entire neighborhood. Sean also had the day off. By nine we were outside. I stood by and took pictures while Sean and Gracie shoveled snow "sprinkles" out of the driveway. After that we came inside for some hot chocolate. Gracie enjoyed her first sip of the delicious beverage, even if it was diluted with a bunch of cold milk.

One of our cars is currently broken, so I wanted to get out of the house before I am stranded for the week. So, we spent the rest of the day purchasing blankets and burp rags for Jared, eating a delicious lunch that came complete with dessert, and buying Gracie little potty training toys.

All in all it was a perfect snow day, one that I won't get again for a long time.


Actual Conversations...

Scene: Sean and Autumn sitting in front of the TV, watching a new episode of Jon and Kate plus 8.
Autumn: I think that when it comes to the presidential election that Mitt Romney looks the most like a president.

Sean: Yeah, if all the delegates were to be cast in a movie Mitt Romney would be cast as the president.

Autumn: Yeah. (She goes back to eating tortilla chips.)
End Scene

Issues Smissues. Around this house we apparently cast our vote according to looks. Since this is the case, Mr. Obama stands a good chance and I guess Hillary Clinton looks as if she could play the role as well. I imagine I will have to do a little more research.


Scene: Sean and Autumn sitting at the dinner table, planning the next week's menu.

Autumn: I can make potato soup this week.

Sean: (pause)....okay, but we can also make chicken noodle soup.

Autumn: You don't like my potato soup.

Sean: Not as much as your chicken noodle soup.

Autumn: That's okay. I never can get it right anyway.

End Scene.

I have a feeling Sean has wanted to tell me this for a long time. Consider the air cleared.


Scene: Sean and Autumn getting ready for bed.

Sean: (he looks at my stomach, his eyes get big) Wow, Jared is really getting big.




............................................................................................................................I know.

End Scene.

I have no comment other than the fact that I sometimes wish I was a screen writer.



My sister has a new blog! It's called Putter Wall and its all about interior design. Jasmine has a real knack for decorating and I can't wait to see what she comes up with. I too will be helping with the blog as a contributor. We hope to make the blog a place where anyone and everyone can contribute their fantastic ideas about style and the home. After all, your home should make you happy and that can take a lot of work! Check out the new blog, leave a comment, leave an idea. We hope to see you over there!


Button...button...Who has my buttons?

I've finally found my buttons! I didn't know I was looking for them, but after browsing Pottery Barn online I came across these whimsical wall hangings. I find them so charming. Sure, they might not be for everyone, but they are definitely for me. There are so many places I could think of to put them but they would probably end up above my bed. I've been wondering what to put there. I have my answer. I now will have to have patience as "wall hanging above my bed" is about 900 on my priority list. Topping number one of the old priority list is gas, food, and little boy clothes. Not buttons. I daresay they will go on sale....and when then do!


Special Day!

This week I had an extra ultrasound and doctors appointment. Jared is measuring nine days bigger than his due date. He is just a big guy, and I also have a theory that my due date was never right in the first place. Instead of being March 14th as was originally planned, Jared will be induced to make an appearance on Feb. 26th! In the ultrasound you could see hair covering his head. So darling....Anyhow, My back is so very grateful for this change of plans.

Right now I fluctuate between being so happy and so scared that all I want to do is dig a hole in my basement and hide. That wouldn't really solve the problem as I would be hiding with Jared and would have to come out anyway.

I'm tired, so very tired, so I am going to go and try that nap thing. My brain is having a super hard time forming a sentence.

Ta ta for now. Wow, I've never actually said ta ta, but I like it. ta ta.


New Design

Yesterday I decided I wanted to freshen up my blog for the new year. I sat and stared at my blogger template and realized I had no idea what I was doing. I sat there for quite awhile until I finally realized that I married a man who charges a hefty sum to do this sort of thing. Hello! This is the resulting conversation.

Me: Hi sweety. I want to do something new with my blog.
Sean: Okay, what were you thinking?
Me: Something with birds.
Sean: Birds?
Autumn: Yeah, birds, I've seen some really pretty bird designs lately, and birds are my favorite animal. But I don't want it to be a hokey bird or a stupid bird, but something clean, classy and simple.
Sean: Okay, send me examples.
Autumn: Oh...exciting, okay.

Later that day:

Sean is sitting at the computer making me an absolutely gorgeous header with flowers, because he knows I also harbor a fondness for nifty floral prints.
Autumn: (peeking over his shoulder) I love this. It is so gorgeous.

We spend the next two hours designing a cool flower header. Well, Sean designs and I nod, agree and tell him he's handsome.

After the new header is completed, I realize I need to follow my heart.

Autumn: Can you search for birds.
Sean: (sighs) Fine, but birds have the possibility of being silly.
Autumn: I know, but I just love birds. Right now.

Two hours later...ta da! My new header. I love the little birdy. She's cute yet slightly dorky. She also reminds of a bird that would appear on one of my mom's cross-stitches.

I owe a super big thanks to Sean, who spent an entire Friday night trying to please his picky, pink-eyed wife. I have a feeling that if he didn't love me, wasn't so very nice, and if I wasn't getting ready to bear him another child I would be getting a hefty bill in the mail.


Weird Ramblings...

If you're reading this, I'm sure you aren't going to care about what I have to say. This post is mostly for myself and mostly because Gracie is being really good and watching her 30th episode of Dora for the day. I wanted her to stop eating my sandwich so I casually suggested it was nap time. She left me alone and went to her other mother: the T.V. I am such a good mom.

Anyway. I just got back from Target where I spent an hour shuffling around the aisles like a badly dressed 80 year-old woman. I've totally forgotten how uncomfortable it is to be two months away from giving birth (hopefully sooner). "Then why go to Target? It just makes you uncomfortable." I will tell you why. I woke up this morning with yes, pink eye...again! How is this possible? I have no idea, but I have a hunch. I think it has to do with my eye make-up. I am throwing anything I have worn in the past two weeks out. The thought of this idea made me hyperventilate and almost pass out. Without mascara I might as well wander around the frigid streets in nothing but a fluorescent pink bikini. (Nobody wants to see that, especially now). So I was there to get more eye make-up and look at their poor selection of children's bedding. I think the selection was low because of Christmas.

Which leads me to another point. We got Gracie a big girl bed. I hope and pray she likes it. If not maybe I will attach it to the side of my bed so I will have more room for my gigantic stomach. The good news is that her bedroom door locks from the outside. I will be able to sleep soundly knowing she in not in the garage drinking toilet bowl cleaner.

And finally, I love grilled turkey and cheese sandwiches so much that if I could I would eat them all day long while whispering sweet nothings into the bread.

I'm done. It is now officially nap time, where you can bet a million and one dollars that I will be the first and only person to take a three hour nap. If push comes to shove, I will throw a couple of books in Gracie's crib and let her fend for herself. Once again, I am such a good mom.