Perfect Snowy Day...

I am beginning to discover how sometimes the most perfect days are unplanned and unexpected. Yesterday I woke up to discover about 10 inches of snow covering our entire neighborhood. Sean also had the day off. By nine we were outside. I stood by and took pictures while Sean and Gracie shoveled snow "sprinkles" out of the driveway. After that we came inside for some hot chocolate. Gracie enjoyed her first sip of the delicious beverage, even if it was diluted with a bunch of cold milk.

One of our cars is currently broken, so I wanted to get out of the house before I am stranded for the week. So, we spent the rest of the day purchasing blankets and burp rags for Jared, eating a delicious lunch that came complete with dessert, and buying Gracie little potty training toys.

All in all it was a perfect snow day, one that I won't get again for a long time.


  1. Gracie looks so cute, looks like a good time...everytime we get snow it is ridiculously cold, so we haven't got to go out much. Hopefully soon.

  2. i am jazzy's friend well my son justin huggins is (was) her friend in high school. anyway i love your blog your funny and whitty thanks for the smiles

  3. How cute is Gracie in her cute snow outfit. I love it! That sure does sound like one fabulous day.

  4. So cute! I wish we had some of that snow. Would you quite hogging it and send some my way? :)


  5. Wow, I was checking everyone's blogs out and found yours. You still a good as ever. I hope you don't mind me checking your blog, have a great week.

    Lisa(Perkins) Summers