We'll See...

So in a purely dramatic fashion, I called Sean 15 times, had my super fantastic neighbor (thanks!) come watch Gracie, called my mom 14 times, my sister once, my cousin once, my best friend once, my doctor once, all to see if they knew I was in labor. I am plum exhausted, and none of them could tell me for sure.

Talk about a rough day. It all started with severe back cramping follwed by either real contractions or those danged Braxton Hicks things. Anyway I wandered around my house for three hours with tears streaming down my face until I decided I should make some calls. My contractions never did get regular. I still have nasty cramping, but it's too soon. I've decided I need to make it to the 12th. That puts me totally in the black as far as full term. I don't want Jared to come close to being premature. I don't want him to spend his first days in the NICU. I really don't. Having a healthy full-term baby is stressful enough and personally, I am through with stress. So there. I've decided. I am going to tell Jared no. He can't come out yet. I understand that he is squished and excited to get here, but the answer is no, because I said so.

In a totally different topic I am really into the music of Sara Bareilles. I downloaded her new album and can't stop playing it. I highly reccomend. My spell check isn't working. Spelling is not my strong point, please forgive my many errors.


  1. ha! i was crazing another baby but not after this one. ha! you reminded me of all those labor pains. when i was having pains all day with joseph i remember my aunt telling me that i wasnt in labor and i'd know when i was in labor b/c i wouldnt be able to laugh or talk. i was offended and thought what does she know. BUT she was right...sort of. i could still be nice to people but youll know when you are in labor. it has to be constant and it hurts too much to be super nice to ppl like your husband and mother....people who have seen you at your worst. youll know when you are in labor. good lucka nd hang in there. just hope he doesnt come out late...that would stink!

  2. Autumn-
    That is the craziest time, just trying to figure out if you need to go to the hospital. I felt like that all day and finally called a nurse. She told me to just come in to get checked out. I was a at a 5 and had the baby is 5 hours. Good luck. I don't think contractions have to be regular to do something.

  3. For this reason, I chose to be induced for both of my babies. :)

    FYI, I had really severe back pain when I was in labor with my 1st. To make a long story short, the nurse had been waiting for my doctor to come and check me (because my water had broken) but finally checked me under the strict instruction of the anesthelogist. The back pain was due to the baby's head being right there and ready to come out! My doctor never made it in time, but the baby was healthy.

    The moral of the story is... don't ignore the back pain. :)

    Good luck, we'll praying for you. Have someone make a comment on this post or something after you have the baby so the rest of us know. :)


  4. I notice you did not call me . . . I guess I would not have been able to offer any advice. But good luck and I can't wait to see pics of the little guy!!

  5. I hope it goes well, and good luck! I don't know that Jared would really spend any time in the NICU if he comes before the 12th, as long as he's healthy. Aren't you full term at 36 weeks?

  6. Ugh! This last stretch is the abslolute hardest and lots and I'm sending lots and lots of good luck vibes your way. Did you call the doctor? If it's not the real thing, you should still give yourself a bedrest weekend at least and don't do anything for the next week. Gracie will be just fine with granola bars for breakfast and lunchables for lunch for a few days! Just focus on giving yourself some rest!

  7. Oh boy, good luck Autumn! I hope that time passes quickly for you so that Jared will come soon, but not too soon. I hope that you are not in too much pain. That never happened to me... I didn't have a single pain until I was induced 9 days after my due date. It's always so different! Good luck to you! I hope that all goes well. I would love to come and visit you and bring you dinner when Jared is here!

  8. hey autumn i have been stalking your blog for awhile and finally decided i am kinda creepy and i would comment..i love your page. dont wait too long with this baby i did and had mine in my tub! darn hospital sent me home 2 times :)
    your daughter is too cute!
    good luck

  9. Love Sara B. as well after seeing her on Ellen. I tried to sing one of her songs to the scrapbooking ladies on Wednesday and they looked at me funny. am hoping that everything goes smoothly when Jared makes his appearance. Hopefully you make it to the induction for two reasons: 1) so he's full-term and 2) so you don't have to wonder if you are in labor. Of course those darn contractions could come back in the next few weeks.