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Please excuse me if this blog doesn't make any sense. I can no longer be held accountable for my actions or my emotions. Case in point: I cried at the grocery store when Dixie Chicks' "Traveling Soldier" blared over the speakers. I cried when I smudged my newly painted nails. I cried when I tried to blog earlier and nothing came to my mind. It takes me ten minutes to get up the stairs. I'm pretty sure I could go on and on, but I will spare you the details. Only one month left!!!

Anyway, when I first started to blog my intention was for it to be a blog where I posted bits and pieces of my fiction writing, hence the name "Elements of Style". I named it after one of my favorite grammar books, nerdy and bookish, I know. It turns out that I have not once posted bits of my fiction - ever. I decided to rename my blog to suit it a little better: whimsical bits from the doodles of my mind.

In my current state of creative constipation, Sean thought up the name and did the design. I owe him a big THANK YOU! and maybe when I feel more attractive, a great big kiss, but for now he'll have to settle for a wave across the room as I can't be bothered to put my cake down.

Speaking of cake, my pregnancy had finally rubbed off on Sean! I've heard of stories where men gain weight along with their wives when they are prego. Not the case with me my friends. Today Sean comes home from the grocery store where he has purchased two large slabs of cake. Never once in our married lives have I seen him do anything like this. I asked him was he abducted by an alien? He stood there and looked as confused as me. It's really time I had this baby. Every one's becoming confused.

As a side note, I think it would be highly flattering if an alien did abduct Sean because that would mean some creature from outer space traveled millions and millions of miles just to be with me. The whole thing would be devastating, but highly flattering nonetheless.

I must go now as I would like to make it up the stairs before tomorrow...

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  1. I love the new name! It's perfect for your blog (that's a good thing). So, are you crying because you're sick of being pregnant and everything frustrates you, or is it just serious hormones? Either way, pregnancy is LAME. Well, I think so. Good for Jared for getting that cake, though. :)It must make you feel better that he's being as 'odd' as you!