What a minute! I have a blog!

Here's a question...if you have a blog and you never blog, do you still have a blog?

Sheesh! A couple of weeks ago I was thinking we were almost out of the woods. Knock on wood, we've had a healthy winter! Then...Slam! Bang! Whoop! Never mind. Everyone is finally getting better. I'd rather not recount the details.

I am now thinking it's time to wash my hair and finally replace my old red shoes that I bought when I was first prego with Jared. I need new "everyday" shoes. This far exceeds any want. I find I am particular and have...ahem...expensive-ish (I know I don't hold a candle to a lot of ladies) taste. I'd rather go a long time without new shoes and wait until I find the perfect replacement.

Anywho...Let's look.
I know they are a ballerina flat. You just can't change who you are. But they are red and shiny...not silver or black. Which is big change, if you consider buying another pair of red shoes a big change...which, some may not. I'll just make red ballet flats my signature footwear. When you see them sitting by the door, then you know I am there.