Happy Anniversary!!!

Sorry for hijacking your blog, but I just wanted to wish you a Happy Anniversary and thank you for a fantastic 5 years!

Be thinking of how you want to use your new web address in the future.

Love Always,


Clearing things up...

This girl goes to preschool next week. Between being excited for her and wishing I was the one going back, I keep having celebration parties. We just got back from our "date" where we met her new teacher and then grabbed some pizza. For the first time in my life I got an honest urge to scrapbook, it faded twelve seconds later. (I think her picture looks very high fashion, what with the bright colors and a garbage can.)

This lil' fellow turns 18 months in a week. Crazy. I mean really. He keeps me so busy. All I do is try to keep him from serious injury.

Anyway...I was walking my kids around and I got to thinking...I hope people don't think Sean was annoyed because he had to come get me. Hardly, he was very much my knight in shining armor. However, whenever a car breaks down, that's very annoying.

No chocolate, no clever title

Okay, so, I've been trying my hardest to be good and lay off the junk food. I haven't bought any in ages. That's means I'm being good. It also means I have (had) a giant stock pile in my kitchen cupboards. But,sigh, it is all gone. Completely. I do not count last year's Halloween candy, because I will never be that desperate (we shall see).

And, I can't go out and by any because I DON'T HAVE A CAR and I live in the country and I'm not going to figure out a bus schedule to get a candy bar. I'm also way too lazy to get my kids ready in the morning to drive my husband to work. What? I don't have a car? Yes, late last night it broke down on a completely deserted-absolutely no address-back by a corn field-road. The only thing I could think of was that hideous urban legend about the escaped convict with a hook. I'm not kidding. At any moment I was expecting to hear a scraping noise. Instead, I ran into an annoyed husband. We called a towing company and now my car is at a shop somewhere.

So, not having a car, and not having any candy is making me feel a little like this:

Yes, I eventually did get Jared some new pajamas. It was hard. As the whole toe debacle humored me, maybe a little too much. I've been dying to use this picture. Absolutely dying.