Clearing things up...

This girl goes to preschool next week. Between being excited for her and wishing I was the one going back, I keep having celebration parties. We just got back from our "date" where we met her new teacher and then grabbed some pizza. For the first time in my life I got an honest urge to scrapbook, it faded twelve seconds later. (I think her picture looks very high fashion, what with the bright colors and a garbage can.)

This lil' fellow turns 18 months in a week. Crazy. I mean really. He keeps me so busy. All I do is try to keep him from serious injury.

Anyway...I was walking my kids around and I got to thinking...I hope people don't think Sean was annoyed because he had to come get me. Hardly, he was very much my knight in shining armor. However, whenever a car breaks down, that's very annoying.


  1. Cars troubles really are annoying. But those 2 munchkins of yours really are delightful.

  2. agreed, very high fashion shot. And car trouble is the worst - I certainly do not miss that part of being a car owner.

  3. That picture of Gracie could be the next inspiration for a print from the Black Apple--super chic!
    Sorry about your car trouble--nothing in the world (minus parenting) ever makes me feel like such a dunce.

  4. Your kids are getting so big! They are darling, of course. :)