No chocolate, no clever title

Okay, so, I've been trying my hardest to be good and lay off the junk food. I haven't bought any in ages. That's means I'm being good. It also means I have (had) a giant stock pile in my kitchen cupboards. But,sigh, it is all gone. Completely. I do not count last year's Halloween candy, because I will never be that desperate (we shall see).

And, I can't go out and by any because I DON'T HAVE A CAR and I live in the country and I'm not going to figure out a bus schedule to get a candy bar. I'm also way too lazy to get my kids ready in the morning to drive my husband to work. What? I don't have a car? Yes, late last night it broke down on a completely deserted-absolutely no address-back by a corn field-road. The only thing I could think of was that hideous urban legend about the escaped convict with a hook. I'm not kidding. At any moment I was expecting to hear a scraping noise. Instead, I ran into an annoyed husband. We called a towing company and now my car is at a shop somewhere.

So, not having a car, and not having any candy is making me feel a little like this:

Yes, I eventually did get Jared some new pajamas. It was hard. As the whole toe debacle humored me, maybe a little too much. I've been dying to use this picture. Absolutely dying.

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  1. this week was a desperate chocolate week for me the resulted in me baking a chocolate chip cookie mix someone gave me as a solid sheet (too lazy to make individual cookies) and I then proceeded to devour half of it in two nights. The remaining half (or probably less than half) is in my freezer whispering my name for tonight's treat.......ugh!