So, I don't know...but my gut feeling is telling me that Jared might find the camera a smidge alarming.

In other country news...Sean just sprayed a GIGANTIC spider, what made the experience even more delightful was the bucketful of baby spiders it dropped while running away....



So, I finally feel in the mood to blog a little today. Lately I've really been out of the blogging habit. I find the mood just doesn't strike me. I feel as though this is completely normal. Hobbies and interests generally come in waves. I feel fairly positive I'll get more into the habit. Maybe in winter.

Anyway, today is one of those days I wish I had a maid. I rarely wish for those days as I love cleaning, but seriously. I'm really behind and those messes just keep coming.

I find that little indulgences during the day keep me happy. I record Gilmore Girls to watch at night. I allow myself a special snack. I work on something to make my house prettier. I find if I don't do these, I get really cranky by the end of the day.

I totally over-microwaved my burrito. It's hard now.

I'm not ready to get Gracie in preschool yet. She's close in age to the girls across the street and they are in preschool, but I'm simply not ready. Sorry Grace, your going to have to wait for you mommy to mature.

That's it for now. I know, not much of a post, but at least it's a post...right?



So, Michael Phelps eats around 10 to 12 THOUSAND calories a day. I think I might start my quest for the gold tomorrow starting with a real big breakfast.

Can anyone else feel the change of season coming? I swear fall almost has a smell...a beautiful smell. I can't stop going outside.


Never Truer..(truer...is that a word?)

That saying "don't go to the grocery store hungry" is as true today as it was when some wise person said it. Undoubtedly that person went to check out line and came out 100 dollars over budget and when they couldn't figure out what was wrong, they felt a slight rumble in their stomach region. This might also explain why I came home with the following items I generally NEVER purchase.

2 pints of Ben and Jerry's - I've really been so good about this...not today, my friends, not today.

2 pounds of grated cheese.

2 pounds of fresh fettuccine

Jello Pudding Snacks - This is the first time I've willingly bought these. I'm still not sure what overcame me.

4 pounds of strawberries - This is not so unusual.

3 things of frozen lemonade. I'm dying to try a new recipe (thanks to my cousin Bethany who made some cookies and apparently they were the best thing my mom has had in a long time. I'll let you know how they turn out). Why buy one, when you can buy three?

5 Hoagie rolls. I usually just use cheap wheat bread

Finally, and probably most oddly, the pound of Ambrosia salad from the deli that I am currently shoving into my face. Why coconut and marshmallows was all of a sudden my favorite food, I will never be able to answer.

And now, I must go. I've got a lot of food to eat.