So, I finally feel in the mood to blog a little today. Lately I've really been out of the blogging habit. I find the mood just doesn't strike me. I feel as though this is completely normal. Hobbies and interests generally come in waves. I feel fairly positive I'll get more into the habit. Maybe in winter.

Anyway, today is one of those days I wish I had a maid. I rarely wish for those days as I love cleaning, but seriously. I'm really behind and those messes just keep coming.

I find that little indulgences during the day keep me happy. I record Gilmore Girls to watch at night. I allow myself a special snack. I work on something to make my house prettier. I find if I don't do these, I get really cranky by the end of the day.

I totally over-microwaved my burrito. It's hard now.

I'm not ready to get Gracie in preschool yet. She's close in age to the girls across the street and they are in preschool, but I'm simply not ready. Sorry Grace, your going to have to wait for you mommy to mature.

That's it for now. I know, not much of a post, but at least it's a post...right?


  1. Hey! I was recording Gillmore Girls at night so I could watch it...and it also came on at noon. THEN..a horrible thing happened. They started over with season one instead of going on to the final season. I was heartbroken....let me know if this time around they actually finish it!!!

  2. I need to now when and where I can record Gilmore girls. Never microwave a burrito past 1 min 30 seconds. 3 minutes for 2 burritos is just perfect.

  3. I heart Gilmore Girls, no heart for hard burritos (:

    I'm also keeping Max out of preschool until he's four next year. Other kids his age are going and I'm sure he'd love it, but he still seems so young to me! I wonder if our second children will go to preschool earlier, either because we will be fine with it, or because they see their older siblings going to school.

  4. Hey Autumn! So why weren't you at the reunion? I was really hoping to catch up with you. We should get together for our own little reunion sometime. Where do you live? Btw, I love your blog/writing and can't wait to read one of your books someday.

  5. Ohhh, I'm intrigued. What is your special snack? I hope it wasn't the burrito.
    Also, here here about the preschool thing--2-years-old is way too young.

    And you have shamed me...I am a really fickle blogger but you are right: a post about anything is better than nothing. Only your posts about randomness are hysterical and mine just wear me out.

  6. I too think Gracie is too young for preschool. Don't feel any pressure to do anything like that before you are ready!