Paying Attention? Not really.

So, sometimes its pretty easy to tell when your mother isn't actually paying any attention to you whatsoever, even to a three-year old, especially to a three year-old.
(Gracie is upstairs yelling things at me, and I'm downstairs trying to cook dinner)
Gracie: Mom, my pants won't come up!
Me: That's nice honey.
Gracie: Mom, my pants won't come up!
Me: (a little louder) That's nice honey.
Gracie: (now coming out of her room, standing at the top of the stairs, yelling) Mom! I need help!
My pants won't come up!
Finally does it click. I did help her.
She was wearing her new blue jeans, and we all know what sort of problems those can cause...


I like it.

Gracie just told me she has three babies in a box inside her room. After quite time I can go look at them. They all have names. Cranky, Lillo, and Fillo. Hmmmm....I think I know who is being hard to deal with.