Paying Attention? Not really.

So, sometimes its pretty easy to tell when your mother isn't actually paying any attention to you whatsoever, even to a three-year old, especially to a three year-old.
(Gracie is upstairs yelling things at me, and I'm downstairs trying to cook dinner)
Gracie: Mom, my pants won't come up!
Me: That's nice honey.
Gracie: Mom, my pants won't come up!
Me: (a little louder) That's nice honey.
Gracie: (now coming out of her room, standing at the top of the stairs, yelling) Mom! I need help!
My pants won't come up!
Finally does it click. I did help her.
She was wearing her new blue jeans, and we all know what sort of problems those can cause...


  1. LOL! poor Gracie! When a girl is asking for help with her jeans, she definitely means it.

  2. Oh, Gracie! I remember sweating real sweat as a little girl whilst getting into my pair of original skinny jeans in the
    80's. It's like some crazy rite of passage. She is growing up so fast! Before you know it, she'll be nursing her feet after her first pair of ridiculously uncomfortable/highly fashionable shoes.>sniff! sniff!<

  3. I can't tell you how many times a day I do that. Andrew has started saying, "Mommy, I'm not going to talk to you unless you look at me!"

    Gracie looks just you in this picture.

  4. I agree, Gracie does look a lot like you here. Adorable!