Dada...No Mama!

So, we went on our annual stay-cation this year. Sean and I are way to terrified to take our kids anywhere far, so instead we go local, get a hotel and eat like its the last day of our lives. Gracie is pictured here at the kids museum. Only four seconds of the day she is not pretending,please don't ask me when those are. She comes out of her room pretending to be a dog, and then a horse, then she wants horsey so bad...mom...can we please get a horse, I will feed it oats and apples all day long... Let's just say it would be a very lucky horse, but we just don't have enough room . Needless to say, she had a blast at the kids museum, where there is an entire pretend section.Now, lets move on to the following Mr. Cool. He finally said he said his first sentence. I normally would feel swells of prides, but here is what happened: I go to take Jared out of his car seat, he pushes me away, looks at Sean and yells "Dada! No mama!" Huh. I looked at him, looked at Sean and thought...well, at least I'll have something to report at his next Dr.'s visit. And just this morning, the J draped himself over every bit of furniture in the house crying for his Dada. Poor little guy. I'm really not sure what to do. I mean, I've felt the same way before myself. Anyway, in his quiet moments when he is not crying for his dad, I hope he remembers who gave him his flaxen golden hair and feels a tad bit grateful...

Man o' the hour, gotta love them both