Happy, Happy Birthday!!!

Dear Jazzy, they say it's your birthday! Da-da-da-da. They say it's your birthday! Da-da-da-da. 
So, find someplace cozy, relax, read a book, and ponder on the wonder that is you and how old you're getting. And please remember it's not that you're getting older, you're becoming that much more amazing.
Just ask this trucker person. She thinks you're awesome. Really. Have I told you that I call Gracie, "Jazzy" at least once a week? Well I do. Especially now she has a guitar that she totes all over the house. She knows E minor. We've made up some dramatic songs. They usually involve something about horses and fields.
Since you are five days ahead of me, I hope you enjoyed at least three of these.
This lady hopes you did as well.
I also hope you relaxed and watched whatever it is that Australians watch. With a big remote. I believe big remotes make life better.
I feel good birthday vibes coming from our ancestors. Which makes sense as you have a lot in common: venerability, yet strength.
I hope you ate some more of these. Because really, its time for a celebration!
I also hope that Phil dressed up like this. Talk about a birthday present!
Eat some more cake!
I also hope that you planted a seed deep in your heart so it will grow and remind you of your awesomeness.
You get this ribbon! Just like at the fair!
And remember to party on, have an excellent year, and if you were a president, you would be Babe-raham Lincoln.