Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! We hope you had a great holiday!
There...I needed an excuse to post this photo. Gracie is scared stiff of dogs. I've gotta love a girl that can pose through her fear. Rock on...sweetie.

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Now give me some candy!

Here are some pictures for the lovely grandparents! Just so you know, for word girl to fly she MUST touch her star first. It's a very serious thing. Also, is it normal or healthy to eat an entire day's calories in Halloween candy? I swear I never eat this stuff. I'm more of a baked goods kind of a gal, but its like eating the forbidden fruit. I hope the novelty wears off soon, as I might have to start doing lunges all over again.

It was a lovely, yet spooky, Halloween, in which Jared was mesmerized by both the "moon" and "night". He couldn't stop saying those two words as he rarely gets to see either. Now it's time to...WORD UP! or be Tron and digitize yourself into your computer. Whatever floats your fancy.