Need a Fancy Schmancy House?

My friend Tiffany needs to sell her home so she can move across the country. In order to make that happen she's asked the bloggin' world to help her out. So, do you know of anybody looking for a gorgeous house? Send them here. Also, if you advertise on your blog about her house and if the person that buys her house got referred from your blog, you'll win a $250 gift card to Amazon.com. Now who wouldn't want that?

Personally, I'm a big fan of the bedroom with the cool wall, the spectacular kitchen, and the t.v./playroom. It has a wonderful area for kids and toys.


Very Important Letters

Dear Mama Birds,

I wanted to drop you a note and let you know that I am on your side. I am not your enemy. I too am a mother and know that protecting your babies is muy important, but, once again, I am your friend. In fact, if you ever need me I will be there protecting your babies. Heck, if you and Mr. bird ever want some time alone I will sit for you (not on your nest of course as that would be the opposite of protecting your babies... you get my point.) Now, for the love of everything that is beautiful please stop trying to poke my eyes when I jog past you.

Love, innocent, friendly jogger

Dear Jared,

If someone were to feed me to my heart's content, wrap me up in a snuggly blankie and place me in a luscious, spacious bed, I would sleep for twelve days not twelve minutes.

Love, your mama.

Dear HGTV,

I just want you to know that I blame you for making me want to paint my house weird colors.

Love, constant viewer.

P.S. It's okay if you want me to have my own show. I'll totally do it. (Same goes for Food Network. Wait, they deserve their own letter.)

Dear Food Network,

I think I should have my own show. Paw shaw on those people trying out for their own show. You should hire me because I would spunky and humble as I don't know how to do anything. I would call my show "Autum the Amateur". I would be more than willing to wear my ribbon that my brownies won at the state fair. It was first place and I was 11. Like I said, I would be humble...

Love, wannabe baking goddess.

Dear Gracie,

Please read the letter I wrote to Jared.

Love, your mama.

Dear eye doctor,

Thank you for changing my prescription. I now realize that I was wandering around this big beautiful world totally and completely blind.

Love, the patient that you totally ripped off for contacts. Rebate and insurance...yeah whatever.

Dear June,

There are supposed to be a few days in the 80's. I need time to acclimate to change.

Love, still sweating

Dear Hair,

I grew you long so you could be sensual, beautiful and make me feel like a fairy maiden queen. Today you felt like a big nasty wool blanket covering my greasy scalp. You've got ten days to make me feel luscious or I'm taking a pair of scissors to you.

Love, 45 minutes to blow dry.

Dear reader,

I love you and can't believe you've made it this far.

Love, me.


These are for you...mom!

I thought you might enjoy a couple pictures of our very own, very tiny, Mr. Hollywood.


Can't believe We're so Lucky...

Happy Father's Day! It's true, some days I can't believe I'm not only married to the best, most considerate, hard working man but also to the man who turned out to be a wonderful, remarkable dad. We love you!


Somebody's found their toes...

Sweet Jared has found his toes. It's wonderful to have toys on the end of their legs. When he first discovered them, his toes kept him occupied for at least an hour. He is also our G.B.- giant baby-. He is only 3 months and is fitting into 6-9 months clothes. Sheesh!

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Somebody's gone glam...

After having enough of wiping stringy hair out of various cereals and sauce, I gave up and got Gracie a haircut. She loved it. She also loves suckers.

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Let's talk about...ME!

Here it is...the vast majority of my time goes to my children. I am perfectly fine with this. I've never been surrounded by so much darling in my entire life. Just today Gracie raced down the street yelling "Ice cream truck, where are you?" at the top of her lungs. Jared broke out with a great big belly laugh when I said "Okay". My heart almost burst with cute overload. But sometimes, at the end of the day I wonder what it is I would like to do with myself when my kids don't need...or want...my undying devotion and attention. As I ponder while staring blankly into a television broadcasting a rerun of House Hunters International, I find a few things stir an emotion inside my heart that feels something similar to excitement. Here they are in no particular order. I want to make all these my goals.

1. A great cook and a fantastic baker. I daydream about owning a bakery...all the time. In my mind I've already planned out the menu, its color scheme, and the music I would play. I watch the cooking channel with the passion of an Olympic athlete. I want my hands to be as manicured as Giadia's, the ease of Barefoot Contessa, and the style (and pantry) of Nigella.

2. Get my Masters in literature or creative writing. Rock on. Doesn't this sound like fun? I love school and nothing brings out the nerd in me more than a good book.

3. Always write. Right now I feel low on my creative juices, but when I am not writing I am thinking about it. Hopefully my non-mom brain comes back and I am able to take a pen in my hand and actually do something with it.

4. Always stay in shape. This one is not so much fun, but I want to stay active and somewhat agile. I love to walk, I love the outdoors. Am I not just like Elizabeth Bennett? I know. Anyway. Walking outside makes me happy. I always want to do it.

5. Have an outrageously cute house. That's right. I said outrageously. I want it to have a perfect blend of summer color, whimsy, and for it to never take its self to seriously.

6. Have a food storage that I would actually eat. With all the diverse happenings and expensive gas and food I think this is a good goal. I don't know about you, but I don't really want to sit down to a bowl full of wheat.

6. Above all, I want my soul and my spirit to keep maturing, my marriage to be joyful, my kids to be happy, and for me to grow in wisdom. I will not discuss these things here because they make me weepy. I don't want to get weepy.

There, I think I am done talking about me. Thanks for listening...or reading...or whatever blogging is.