Goodness to Come

I just finished with the kids' costumes. Sean has been working forever on his. A hint as to what the costumes will be are posted below. (The man is NOT Sean. Spooky that almost every guy in the Tron movie looks sort of like Sean. I mean really. I giggled through the whole thing). As for the kids, there couldn't be a more appropriate costume for my girl...and my guy. Those of you who don't watch PBS Kids constantly might not know who Gracie will be...Word Girl, and Captain Huggy Face for Jared.

Sean's major Halloween work party is today, so I've got to get my camera ready. And my food radar on. Jared tested positive for a severe dairy allergy and an egg allergy (not severe). I'm terrified he'll find a bit of chocolate on the ground, shove it in his mouth and stop breathing. If anything, I will be the one to convulse on the floor due to the stress of keeping Jared out of dangerous spots.

Happy Halloween!


Cold weather fun?

I don't like winter. I know, this is a shocker for those of you who have to hang out with me January/February (be happy if you don't). But maybe I can like it a smidge better if I get fun things that I can only use in those dark winter months...starting with December and this delicious advent calendar. I felt an honest to goodness swooning sensation in my chest when I saw this:

My word, fabulous other things that I'm way too lazy to copy and paste pictures from can be found at www.garnethill.com
I must immediately withdraw money from our savings account. Sean, if you are reading this, I'm just kidding....sort of. Winter fun!


I Want my Clothes Back...



"Yes, is this Autumn. Who is this?"

"This is year 2003. How are you today?"

"I'm a little confused as to why a year is calling me but other than that I am fine."

"Sorry to interrupt your day but we are doing an inventory and we need your fall wardrobe back."

"Excuse me."

"Yes, your three pair of jeans that no longer fit even though you think they do... they belong to us as does that black sweater you wore on your first date with your husband."

"Is this a joke? And for the record that sweater still fits...I suppose it depends on how much I ate for lunch and the time of the month, but given the correct conditions I still look like a total knockout. Same for the pants. I can wear each pair for a maximum of three hours. Which gives me just enough time for throw them on for a date. So, no, you can't have them back."

"They simply aren't flattering or in style. We need them back. You can put them in a plastic bag on your front porch. We will stop by around midnight to pick them up."

"No, you can't have them. Don't you understand that I've had two babies and that I actually started running and doing lunges to fit back into them? I have gained and dropped a sum total of eighty pounds. You can't take my pants! How will I know when I'm back to my old shape? They are my trophy pants! I'm still 22! I swear I am! I always will be!"

"Mam, that is something you need to work out for yourself. We will be by at midnight. Please throw in that pink sweater, the one with the hole in the armpit...and that sweatshirt with the numbers, and that pink shirt with your initial on it. All of them. I don't want to call again."

...sounds of sobbing...."2003, you were so good to me...why the sudden backlash?"

Click. Buzz of dial tone....

So...I'm going to bite the bullet. I am going to make a large and generous donation to the D.I. Have any of you, my two readers, ever had a hard time letting go of clothes? Am I the only one? I mean they still fit...sort of.