Cold weather fun?

I don't like winter. I know, this is a shocker for those of you who have to hang out with me January/February (be happy if you don't). But maybe I can like it a smidge better if I get fun things that I can only use in those dark winter months...starting with December and this delicious advent calendar. I felt an honest to goodness swooning sensation in my chest when I saw this:

My word, fabulous other things that I'm way too lazy to copy and paste pictures from can be found at www.garnethill.com
I must immediately withdraw money from our savings account. Sean, if you are reading this, I'm just kidding....sort of. Winter fun!


  1. I saw a super-cute one really similar to this at marthastewart.com, where she used Christmas baby socks instead. It'd be a little less pricey if you want to do it yourself. :)

  2. This is really cute! It might inspire me to not be a dud about Christmas Advent Calendars. Thanks for the link--you are right, super fabulous decorations.