Merry Christmas Outtakes!

Welcome and Merry Christmas.
And now for the Christmas card outtakes of 2010! Before we get going, This is my most favorite of photos. I got Jared back for calling me a Christmas clown.
This was the winner! Yeah! None of us look crazy OR sleepy. Double bonus.
I love that we captured Jared's teaser look. He always has this expression.
It didn't start off the best.
Some one's excited to be here!!!

Have you ever wondered how we look at Wal-Mart? Here's your answer. Triumphant, rapping pose Jared, frazzled mother, and NO Santa hat. The battle continues to rage.

This is a darling photo of my men in blue shirts. But, in the end, my arm was determined to be a great big space hog.

Jared planning his big escape. Is it just me, but does Sean look very manly here? And aren't we all happy I'm wearing a modest t-shirt underneath my dress.
Here, Sean and I appear mostly normal, but I get an undercurrent feeling that both of us need a nap, or are on cold medication. I've also determined that my daughter does not take a bad photo.
That ten second button thing can be a bit tricky to figure out.

Here, Sean looks like he got a great idea! I look like I just got goosed.

This is probably the best of them all!
Merry Christmas!


They Stand No Chance

So, this cat from Shrek. He has a human twin. In the form of my son. Recently, Jared has figured out that if walks up to ANY counter, be it at the doctor's office, or the hair salon, and peeks over the edge of the desk, a frenzy will ensue until he gets a candy. He doesn't have to ask. He only has to look at the lady behind the counter for her to frantically start combing through drawers or her purse.
Heaven help me when he figures out what actually causes the candy panic.

But he won't for awhile, because he has an insane mother still forcing him to be a baby.