Any Thoughts?

I need more ideas for reading. I love the books I have, but have read them all...a lot. I have a small list of books to check out from the library, but I need more. For some reason toting two children into the library and making sure one is happy and the other one doesn't run away always causes me to forget what I wanted to check out. I figure if I make a good list and keep it in my diaper bag, that might help with the problem. Possibly. I will probably forget I have a list. But at least I will know I am trying. So, please, I love thought provoking books, funny books, mysteries, basically anything that is not sci-fi, uber fantasy, violent or too risque. I would appreciate any ideas!


I need it!

Does anyone else feel a fervent desire to run out and buy 95 bags of rice even though they only go through a box every 2 weeks? Me too. Meet you at Costco.



My sister just wrote a funny blog about how we perceive ourselves and how we really look. I think I fall somewhere in the middle. Most of the times I think I look just fine, glance in a mirror and think I look just fine. Other times I think I look smoking, other times, not so much. The only time I am truly shocked by my perceived image vs. reality is when I pregnant. Nothing can prepare a gal for that one. One of the times I thought I looked smoking hot was on my honeymoon. I've posted a few pictures below to help show that I did, in fact, look okay. Why am I doing this? Because one of the very worst photos of myself was taken on my honeymoon. A time when you are supposed be at your most beautiful because you've recently spent a fortune on make up and a gym membership (mostly because Sean liked to go to the gym, so I bought one so we could have something in common, but it worked).

Please prepare yourself for the next one. I call this paparazzi photo, mostly because if I was a celebrity it would've been plastered on the front cover of every tabloid. It also begs the question...why was Sean taking my photo of me coming out of a bathroom? Oh, wouldn't we all like to know.



Bizarrely Hormonal...Still

You know how sometimes when you are put on hold they play music for you? Well, I was on the phone trying to pay some never-ending medical bills when Elton John's "Candle in the Wind" came on. I began to weep. Yes, weep.

The whole entire song is just so sad. Norma Jean, not knowing who to cling to when the rain came in. She was a candle in the wind. I too would've like to known her, but I wasn't even close to being born. So very sad...could someone please pass me a tissue... and keep me from being put on hold....Thanks.


Total Lack of Sleep

Wow...I have mom brain so bad, I am not sure how to spell title. Anyway, I was going to say I should have titled my last blog "The cutest time sucker". My poor blog and my poor blogging hobby. I will one day update you more often. As for now, my spleeings skills are shot as well as my brain. I just got one child to sleep and another who's been pretending she is a pirate for the past hour instead of napping. It's time to rescue her from the sharks she keeps yelling about.

P.S. The expression Gracie has on her face in the photo with the blackboard is one I give her when I'm upset...but not really. She is wearing her "monster tails". I asked if she wanted pig tails or pony tails. That is what she came up with. Wish me luck...



Super Sucker

I got the Williams-Sonoma catalogue the other day. It has set my mind a swirling. Did you know that there is an actual machine that makes tiny little pancakes filled with fruit? Me neither! It got Sean all excited as well. We'd almost convinced ourselves that we needed it until I stupidly said we could just put fruit on our pancakes. After a long pause, we changed the subject...to the outrageously expensive knives they sell. This conversation took place before I came across the page that showcased their vacuums.

The pictured vacuum costs, are your ready, something like 1,199 big ones. I naively thought vacuums ranged from $100-600. Talk about rocking my world. Since I spotted this vacuum that comes complete with height adjustments and 360 degree ease of movement (who wouldn't want that?) I can't stop thinking about how I would use this vacuum in order to justify its outrageous price. Here are just a few.

1. Use it to pick up Gracie's messes. Drop a Cheerio? No problem. I'll just grab my vacuum. Why stop there? I'd take the vacuum to church and pick up every one's spilled Cheerios. In fact, I think this is a great idea. The soft hum of the vacuum would put said children to sleep allowing the adults to leave their meetings refreshed and mess free.

2. Laundry? No more. If I'm paying this much for my vacuum it'd better be able to suck stains out of all my clothes.

3. Time killer. Not that I have time to kill, but if I did...
Sean (calling from work): What are you doing?
Autumn (whir of vacuum in the background): Ummm..
Sean: What can you possibly be vacuuming?
Autumn: (long pause...)you know that old box of sweaters that we've been meaning to give to the D.I.?

4. Yard work. Who needs a lawn mower when you can super suck it short? If I was feeling generous I might don an orange jacket and help the folks pick up garbage on the side of the road. What would take them an hour would take me three minutes.

5. Have fun putting it on my face. I don't think I will ever tire of putting a vacuum hose on my face. It makes me giggle every time.

So, is it worth it? No, probably not. Mostly because if I got the vacuum, Sean would have to get a 1,800 knife to make things fair and then would we be happy? No, not until we got that pancake machine.


Pinkie the Kitty

At certain times of the day, Gracie believes she is a cat. "Pinkie the Kitty" to be more precise. It is the cutest thing I have seen for some time. She crawls on the floor meowing for more grapes to be put in her kitty bowl ( I tried to take a picture, but my camera is acting up). She is also a very caring kitty. The other day I was sitting on my bed holding Jared and staring out the window. While I was busy thinking of how much I hated the stupid snow that was still falling, Gracie was busy taking care of Jared. I looked down and she was licking his head. Now, that's a sister.

This is Gracie nursing her baby on her very own bobby pillow. She came up with the idea herself...more of her caring instincts coming through. I myself like this photo because it shows how well I am caring for my daughter. Please ignore her runny nose, messy hair and gigantic neck rash...


Try Harder?

You know your grooming skills might be tanking when your daughter asks if you are going to church whenever you put mascara on and comb your hair.