Any Thoughts?

I need more ideas for reading. I love the books I have, but have read them all...a lot. I have a small list of books to check out from the library, but I need more. For some reason toting two children into the library and making sure one is happy and the other one doesn't run away always causes me to forget what I wanted to check out. I figure if I make a good list and keep it in my diaper bag, that might help with the problem. Possibly. I will probably forget I have a list. But at least I will know I am trying. So, please, I love thought provoking books, funny books, mysteries, basically anything that is not sci-fi, uber fantasy, violent or too risque. I would appreciate any ideas!


  1. One of my recent faves is "These is my Words." It also has two sequels. It is really slow at first, but by the end you are crying. I think we have similar taste is books because "Pride and
    Prejudice" is one of my favorites too. I enjoy reading your blog.

  2. I highly recommend Twilight and the subsequent books by Stephanie Meyer. I am not a sci-fi person either and even though these books do have vampires, they really aren't sci-fi. Honestly, this rates in my top 3 all-time favorite series/books. I have many people who have read it on my recommendation and have never had anyone feel anything less than absolute love for the series. :)

    Good luck!

  3. And too bad you will have already read anything suggested to you :)

    I do have a suggestion that isn't too risqué...only a little (wink, wink)

  4. You can check out goodreads.com
    You can see lots of people's different opinions, and I get lots of new book ideas.

  5. If you like mysteries of the hard-boiled detective sort, give Raymond Chandler a try. He's a brilliant writer who writes mysteries, rather than a mystery writer who has questionable writing skill. A lot of the 40s film noir is taken from his stuff. I don't think I've ever seen anyone better at a succint, powerful description.

    Assuming you've read all the Henry James, etc. What have you read is, I guess, the question?

    Middlemarch is my hands-down favorite book, if you haven't read that one.

  6. I just finished "21 Balloons" at book group. They also suggested any other Newberry Award winners -- these are all elementary school age but still fun reads, like "Matilda" and the Ramona books. Don't do any Thomas Hardy, I recently read some of his and got depressed. I like PG Wodehouse novels for light British humor, and Agatha Christie for mystery. But I'm not too up on the newer books -- I depend on you for advice for those!

  7. Thanks for all your suggestions! I will have to get reading.

  8. Some good books I recently read are
    "She Got Up Off of the Couch" , which has some wonderful writing and is really funny despite the circumstances, "Gilead" which is just peaceful and beautifully written, and "Can't Wait to Get to Heaven" which is a mix of the two descriptions above. (I borrowed these from my mom and sadly don't remember the authors! I know, I'm bad.)