Bizarrely Hormonal...Still

You know how sometimes when you are put on hold they play music for you? Well, I was on the phone trying to pay some never-ending medical bills when Elton John's "Candle in the Wind" came on. I began to weep. Yes, weep.

The whole entire song is just so sad. Norma Jean, not knowing who to cling to when the rain came in. She was a candle in the wind. I too would've like to known her, but I wasn't even close to being born. So very sad...could someone please pass me a tissue... and keep me from being put on hold....Thanks.


  1. ha ha ha thats funny! yeah i didnt notice my hormones or emotions go away till 6 months after joseph and around the same time with river but even more so at the norm when he as a year old and i got more sleep. its rough. ha ha ha. although i still have my moments where sometime i wonder if im pregnant again....but im not.

  2. Oh my goodness, that IS the saddest song!>sob< She really did have a tragic life. >sob< And I'm all riled up that you were on hold long enough to hear the whole song. >sob sob<

    Forget the freebie diaper bag, the hospital should have sent us home with a giant box of kleenex!

    p.s.Can I come over sometime around 9:00 for singing and coloring time?

  3. Haha, I laughed so hard, I almost started crying and Bethany can only come over and 9 for singing and coloring if I can come over at 3 for a snack.

  4. Autumn, you are hysterical, but that IS a sad song. Please put me down for the One O'clock nap.

  5. I'm all for everything. Except I think a 10 am nap should be added to the schedule, you know, to help me wind down from the coloring.

  6. That is so funny. :) I am sorry you are still dealing with the hormones. Someday they should calm down. :)