Goodness to Come

I just finished with the kids' costumes. Sean has been working forever on his. A hint as to what the costumes will be are posted below. (The man is NOT Sean. Spooky that almost every guy in the Tron movie looks sort of like Sean. I mean really. I giggled through the whole thing). As for the kids, there couldn't be a more appropriate costume for my girl...and my guy. Those of you who don't watch PBS Kids constantly might not know who Gracie will be...Word Girl, and Captain Huggy Face for Jared.

Sean's major Halloween work party is today, so I've got to get my camera ready. And my food radar on. Jared tested positive for a severe dairy allergy and an egg allergy (not severe). I'm terrified he'll find a bit of chocolate on the ground, shove it in his mouth and stop breathing. If anything, I will be the one to convulse on the floor due to the stress of keeping Jared out of dangerous spots.

Happy Halloween!


  1. that guy does looks like Sean! Creepy. Have a great Halloween!

  2. I gotta see pictures! I'm thinking I'm going to be Word Girl next year. For some reason, I think I've developed an infatuation with her word power.