Let's talk about...ME!

Here it is...the vast majority of my time goes to my children. I am perfectly fine with this. I've never been surrounded by so much darling in my entire life. Just today Gracie raced down the street yelling "Ice cream truck, where are you?" at the top of her lungs. Jared broke out with a great big belly laugh when I said "Okay". My heart almost burst with cute overload. But sometimes, at the end of the day I wonder what it is I would like to do with myself when my kids don't need...or want...my undying devotion and attention. As I ponder while staring blankly into a television broadcasting a rerun of House Hunters International, I find a few things stir an emotion inside my heart that feels something similar to excitement. Here they are in no particular order. I want to make all these my goals.

1. A great cook and a fantastic baker. I daydream about owning a bakery...all the time. In my mind I've already planned out the menu, its color scheme, and the music I would play. I watch the cooking channel with the passion of an Olympic athlete. I want my hands to be as manicured as Giadia's, the ease of Barefoot Contessa, and the style (and pantry) of Nigella.

2. Get my Masters in literature or creative writing. Rock on. Doesn't this sound like fun? I love school and nothing brings out the nerd in me more than a good book.

3. Always write. Right now I feel low on my creative juices, but when I am not writing I am thinking about it. Hopefully my non-mom brain comes back and I am able to take a pen in my hand and actually do something with it.

4. Always stay in shape. This one is not so much fun, but I want to stay active and somewhat agile. I love to walk, I love the outdoors. Am I not just like Elizabeth Bennett? I know. Anyway. Walking outside makes me happy. I always want to do it.

5. Have an outrageously cute house. That's right. I said outrageously. I want it to have a perfect blend of summer color, whimsy, and for it to never take its self to seriously.

6. Have a food storage that I would actually eat. With all the diverse happenings and expensive gas and food I think this is a good goal. I don't know about you, but I don't really want to sit down to a bowl full of wheat.

6. Above all, I want my soul and my spirit to keep maturing, my marriage to be joyful, my kids to be happy, and for me to grow in wisdom. I will not discuss these things here because they make me weepy. I don't want to get weepy.

There, I think I am done talking about me. Thanks for listening...or reading...or whatever blogging is.


  1. First of all I LOVE this post. I don't know whether it's good or bad you're talking about yourself because it makes me miss you oh so bad. Second, you look beautiful in that photo. Love it. Third, this post is one of those people read and think, I want to be like her...I do anyway :) But when have I not. Finally, I really like your comment about your house. I need to take mine a little less seriously :). Well, I could say a lot more, so maybe I'll just call you. Missing you always~

  2. so jazzy and my dream (and tylers) of owning a restaurant will just have to come true. i looove to cook too so we can be the main chefs.:) as for food storage, you should ask aunt robyn abt her handouts she has. i got some copies of them too....but i think you might see her first. they are awesome. i know what you mean abt food storage! i want to have a yr supply already! i ythink i was starting to have a month for one person when it came to juice, milk, and beans, but that all had to go once we moved. ahhh! i almost blogged abt myself with these kinds of thoughts, but i thought id bore everyone. maybe i just need your writing skills! who knows. maybe ill do one and then you can tell me if i bored you to tears. i tend to blabber on too much. see? anywho, great post!

  3. btw, "gentile women" is the phrase in the BOM where it refers to the latter days....ya know...the twinkling of the feet etc. Jeremy thompson's dad referred to those types of women like that and i thought it was hilarious!! this is in ref to the circus comment you left. sorry it took me so long to answer!

  4. Read your blog today, it brought tears to my eyes. IT was wonderful and intesting to get to know you. You're such a talented writer, you always add just the right amount of humor to your work. Soooo glad you are taking care of angel girl and angel boy, Sean. They are so lucky to have you. I'm very proud of you. love to ya. desertturtle

  5. What a neat post! It was so inspiring to read...You've always been inspiring.. especially on getting me to walk so much when we were roommates! :)

  6. I love this post, and the picture. You look so good after having a baby just a short while ago. I neve knew we had so much in common, but we have a lot of the same goals. Except the writing, that is one thing I could really use improvements on!!!

  7. I don't want to have to sit down to a bowl of wheat, either. YUCK. No matter how many of those recipes they hand out for creative uses of wheat at church, I think I'd have to be dying to try them.

    Your goals are also my goals.