So, I don't know...but my gut feeling is telling me that Jared might find the camera a smidge alarming.

In other country news...Sean just sprayed a GIGANTIC spider, what made the experience even more delightful was the bucketful of baby spiders it dropped while running away....


  1. Ohhhh, honey bunny! Look at those big eyes.

    Also, ewwwww about the spiders. Ew ew ew. Good luck.

  2. Yikes! I hope they didn't run across the street to my house!!

  3. oh my gosh, I would flip out... I hate hate HATE spiders!

    Oh, and his faces are hilarious!
    Love it.

  4. Jared is darling but the spider story is going to give me nightmares.

  5. Could his eyes be any more gorgeous? How cute!
    Also, gross gross gross gross gross about the spider. Gross.

    p.s.This is completely off topic,but I HAD to tell you that the hippie grocery store with the fancy backery makes almond macaroon BROWNIES! Does that have your name on it or what? I am trying to figure out how I could send you some without eating them before I pack them.

  6. Cute pictures, really disturbing comment on the spiders. I HATE SPIDERS!


  7. He does look a little alarmed, but yuck about the spiders. They are my biggest fears especially when they have babies!!!!

  8. What a great face... so funny! You have such gorgeous kids!

    And once I stepped on a big spider to kill it and all the babies came running out. Scared me to death cause I didn't know they could do that!