Stylish Villager

Okay, so I am in love with this scarf (the one above). In fact, I'm almost always having some type of love affair with some scarf or another. My daughter's closet would attest to it. My daughter's closet you ask? Yes. That is where they eventually end up...as belts for my two year-old. I buy them, then I'm not sure exactly what to do with them. I've tried tying them like the picture above...then I look in a mirror and discover that instead of looking like Grace Kelly or Marilyn Monroe, I look like I've just bustled in from the outskirts of a Russian village. Maybe I'll take a class. Until then, Gracie will continue to have fantastic belts.

1 comment:

  1. Lucky Gracie! But I can totally picture you in something so stylish as that, and not as a Russian villager. :)