Project Home Life

Dear Gracie, Instead of perfecting my non-existent sewing skills and pinning all my hopes on becoming the next star of Project Runway, I thought I could best serve my community by becoming your mother. That being said, there are some side effects. Some unfortunate side effects. However, if I didn't have a bizarre desire to design clothes, then I would never have discovered that you popped out of the womb ready to be America's Next Top Model. I am not sure what to do about your new found talent. I think I will pretend that it doesn't exist...like my sewing ability. Love, your mother.

So I had some leftover curtain material and made Gracie a rather fabulous dress. Which is perfect because I now have a Halloween costume for her. It took a little forcing, but I figure this might be the last year when I'll have the ability to manipulate my child into being something she'd rather not be...

What do you want to be for Halloween?
A wolf (there is now way I can make that costume).
Mmm...What else do you want to be?
A Shadow (which, I personally think is awesome, but I already have a dress made out of curtains).
Mmmm...how about a princess, a fairy or a beauty queen?
A beauty queen.

On second thought I think I am going to push for an angel, because I really want to do some cool white/silver glitter eye make-up, as opposed to heavy make up for a beauty queen. Maybe I'll make Jared be a shadow...

As a side note...Gracie came up with the pink scarf idea all by herself (thanks Bethany, we love that scarf, I mean really love it). After I dressed her up, she tottered away and came back with it. I think it makes a lovely addition.

Be Fierce my love, be fierce....


  1. Haha, that's great. You better be careful, you could very well have a model on your hands...

  2. Tim Gunn would be so proud. You are fierce, sister!

  3. The Js and Tyra would love those poses. I love the scarf!

  4. ..Oh, I love it! And the shadow is an amazing idea too...

  5. Weird. I wrote a comment the other day and it didn't show up. You must have censored it (ha ha).
    Anyway, just wanted to thank you for the good laugh. You are hilarious! And I love your little scripts of your conversations with Gracie. "A Shadow"? Who would have thought...

  6. She is just Gracie-licious! I love the pink scarf wig and can totally see that in Vogue next month. Gracie, you trendsetter! All I can say is you have some lucky neighbors this Halloween.