Slightly Alarmed...Again.

Sean: Are you going to have a good day?
Gracie: No.
Sean: Why not?
Gracie: I'm worried about mommy.
Sean: Why?
Gracie: Because she made a mistake.
At least I won't have to worry about the day when Gracie realizes I'm not perfect. She's already figured that one out.

Here's more in the on- going hilarious saga of Jared's camera phobia. He was having such a good time, giggling and laughing....but then I pulled out the camera and the fun stopped there.


  1. OH that's hilarious! What a cutie! A scared cutie, but a cutie, nonetheless.

  2. I'm laughing so hard tears are in my eyes. But at the same time I'm saying, "oooohhhhh, it's ok Jared!" He has such a furrowed brow in those pictures.

  3. he's still cute . . . and I'm wondering about that mistake ;)

  4. LOL!! That's some funny stuff! He is such a cute boy!

  5. Those pictures are killing me! So cute!

  6. I'm seriously dying. Those pictures... he really doesn't like the camera, does he?

  7. Why! Why do they have to hate camera's? He is so cute!

  8. That is way to cute. Your daughter is so smart!!!! I love your son's pictures.

  9. Hey Autumn! I found your blog on the Bear River website and love it! Your kiddos are so cute and I love these hilarious pics of Jared. Too cute! Looks like you're doing well - don't you love this blogging thing? Great way to stay in touch!