So, Michael Phelps eats around 10 to 12 THOUSAND calories a day. I think I might start my quest for the gold tomorrow starting with a real big breakfast.

Can anyone else feel the change of season coming? I swear fall almost has a smell...a beautiful smell. I can't stop going outside.


  1. Um, fall totally has a smell, and I love it. It reminds me of going back to school, in a good way.

  2. Yes! And I love the "crisp, cool, air" feeling in the morning! I LOVE fall (and I love that my kids go back to school. hee hee).

  3. Oh, and that picture of Michael Phelps makes me think of Jacob (except Jacob would have a lot more hair!)

  4. My co-worker said, "Finally, I have something in common with an Olympic athlete!"

    I'm with you about fall. I want to buy a new Y sweatshirt and some pencils. I think I'll blog about this too actually!

  5. Hey....I found your blog through Cori Robinson! hope you don't mind. Mine is susannesfam.blogspot.com
    I'm going to eat two big breakfasts! How bout that