Special Day!

This week I had an extra ultrasound and doctors appointment. Jared is measuring nine days bigger than his due date. He is just a big guy, and I also have a theory that my due date was never right in the first place. Instead of being March 14th as was originally planned, Jared will be induced to make an appearance on Feb. 26th! In the ultrasound you could see hair covering his head. So darling....Anyhow, My back is so very grateful for this change of plans.

Right now I fluctuate between being so happy and so scared that all I want to do is dig a hole in my basement and hide. That wouldn't really solve the problem as I would be hiding with Jared and would have to come out anyway.

I'm tired, so very tired, so I am going to go and try that nap thing. My brain is having a super hard time forming a sentence.

Ta ta for now. Wow, I've never actually said ta ta, but I like it. ta ta.


  1. That is great (and simultaneously terrifying news)! Congratulations and if we don't hear from you soon, we'll send the authorities to check your basement...

  2. very exciting. . . and scary I guess.
    when you signed off "ta ta" I had a strange flash back to some vague period in my life during which I inexplicably and often used the phrase "ta ta!" and sometimes "ta ta for now!" now I'm trying to decide whether I want to bring it back......

  3. Oh that is exciting news! Even if it is scary too. I've heard that number 2 creates a whole new world. And even though March 14th is a great day (my birthday) I'm happy for you that Jared gets to arrive sooner...I still remember what it felt like to be 9 months pregnant!

  4. Jasmine told me about your ordeal with the due date. It must be odd having that change on you so many times. Good luck! It's not very long now. All I know is that it felt wonderful not to be pregnant anymore even though I'd been sliced and diced and was incredibly tired.