Weird Ramblings...

If you're reading this, I'm sure you aren't going to care about what I have to say. This post is mostly for myself and mostly because Gracie is being really good and watching her 30th episode of Dora for the day. I wanted her to stop eating my sandwich so I casually suggested it was nap time. She left me alone and went to her other mother: the T.V. I am such a good mom.

Anyway. I just got back from Target where I spent an hour shuffling around the aisles like a badly dressed 80 year-old woman. I've totally forgotten how uncomfortable it is to be two months away from giving birth (hopefully sooner). "Then why go to Target? It just makes you uncomfortable." I will tell you why. I woke up this morning with yes, pink eye...again! How is this possible? I have no idea, but I have a hunch. I think it has to do with my eye make-up. I am throwing anything I have worn in the past two weeks out. The thought of this idea made me hyperventilate and almost pass out. Without mascara I might as well wander around the frigid streets in nothing but a fluorescent pink bikini. (Nobody wants to see that, especially now). So I was there to get more eye make-up and look at their poor selection of children's bedding. I think the selection was low because of Christmas.

Which leads me to another point. We got Gracie a big girl bed. I hope and pray she likes it. If not maybe I will attach it to the side of my bed so I will have more room for my gigantic stomach. The good news is that her bedroom door locks from the outside. I will be able to sleep soundly knowing she in not in the garage drinking toilet bowl cleaner.

And finally, I love grilled turkey and cheese sandwiches so much that if I could I would eat them all day long while whispering sweet nothings into the bread.

I'm done. It is now officially nap time, where you can bet a million and one dollars that I will be the first and only person to take a three hour nap. If push comes to shove, I will throw a couple of books in Gracie's crib and let her fend for herself. Once again, I am such a good mom.


  1. you made me laugh so it was worth the read. when I had pink eye they told me to throw out all of my contact cases and makeup and brushes. I don't think I managed to make that complete of a purge but I definitely washed all my brushes and threw away the contact cases (and contacts). Hopefully it won't come back!
    Oh, and strange virus, pink eye or whatever, I still wish I had been able to see you when I was in town!

  2. I love reading your blog!

    I hope you got a great nap. 3 hrs sounds absolutely divine. We haven't tried Dora at our house, but I do have Jayden hooked Baby Einstein. He's only 9 months and somewhere I read that they aren't supposed to look at a TV until they are 1. Oh well. What else can you do when you are pregnant?

  3. I love your ramblings. I think you were right about the eye makeup. Out with the old and in with the new. And, thanks to you, now I want a sandwich!

  4. Definitely right about the new eye makeup. Bummer, but at least you get some new stuff. :)

    I put my son down for a nap today but he did not go to sleep either. I was the only one asleep - at least both of them stayed in their rooms for a reasonable amount of time. :) I hope your nap was great. :)