IKEA don't

So I live ten minutes away from IKEA and today was my first trip. Something inside my head was whispering for me not to go. I should've listened. I spent three hours hauling my large, pregnant behind around the show room. After that we went to pick up our purchases. I suppose the entire time we were walking around the showroom we were supposed to be taking notes about aisles and bin numbers. They had posters that told us we should be doing this. That is all well and good I say, but what about those of us who can't read? That's right. We get hosed. Anyway, after hours of more wandering we found what we were looking for only to discover it wouldn't fit in our car. I think at that point I gave up and fell asleep in the gigantic aisle while Sean lifted me onto a large cart and pushed me out to our car. I'll have to figure something else out.


  1. Isn't Ikea a crazy place? Good buys, but yes, it takes all day just to walk through. Have you seen the new Ikea commercial? I don't know why, but I laugh....the lady running outside yelling for her husband to start the car and "Whoooo!"

  2. this made me laugh. . . so sorry I wasn't able to see you while I was in Utah!