Merry Christmas 2007

We did it. We actually took the pictures for our Christmas cards. Okay, we did this like two weeks ago, but I've been so sick that I haven't really cared. If you are the lucky ones to be on Sean's side of the family you will be getting a Christmas card in the mail very soon. If you are on my side, I wouldn't hold my breath. Hopefully before July. I suppose I could do them now instead of blog, but this is much more fun and doesn't require untold hours of searching for addresses. Instead, I'll show you some of the highlights of the event, which always takes way too long and never really yields perfect results...

At first, I was a little crazed.
Ten minutes later, Sean was a little crazed. Really, the only time I ever see him get a crazed look is when we are taking pictures. The whole thing cracks me up. I think I've married someone sane, then click goes the camera... Unfortunately for Sean I'm pretty sure I have a crazed (or grumpy) look from sunrise to sundown.
Gracie must be doing something really cute.

Me (with aforementioned grumpy look) having a hard time understanding why I am wearing a silver scarf and funny hat when all I want to do is go back to bed.

Tip 1: if you are going to tickle torture your daughter to try and make her smile, make sure your finger is NOT showing...and warn your spouse.
We got this stunner after Sean gave us a lecture on how we needed to lean better.This is the final picture we chose for our card. Sean thought he still looked a little crazed so we photo shopped in a new head (pictured below). At first he had a double chin, but after a little clean up he looks as good as ever. I am not sure where Sean saved the photoshopped photo, but with a little imagination you can get the gist of it...Merry Christmas!


  1. this was too, too funny!!
    You look fabulous . . . even when you are crazy! I'm impressed that someone in your household can photoshop, I can barely take red-eye out.
    Oh and as for cards . . . I'm not even thinking about them until next week. Except lucky you already has one (right? with the cd I think?)!!

  2. Oh, you made my morning. I laughed very hard (especially with the lean one). I LOVE all of your Christmas outfits. Today my goal is to go make copies of my Christmas letter, which is quite a bit harder than one would think around here. I love you, miss you, can't wait to see you.

    Hope you are feeling better.

  3. What cute Christmas pictures! I loved the story about them too.. :)

  4. I thought you said you were pregnant! You are way too skinny and gorgeous to be that close to child birth!

    I love your photos and the "lean better" lecture. So funny!!!