Couldn't Say It Better...

I'm thinking about ordering this poster as a "you're pregnant and 12 weeks away from giving birth" gift. I can think of about a million places where it would be appropriate.
1. The front room: Why just yesterday I went into our "nice" room only to find Gracie acting coy and super cute, which means she's up to no good. I spotted her clenched fist and pried it open only to find a bottle of green food coloring.
2. The kitchen: for the times when I am trying to cook dinner, having it go terribly wrong, all while telling Gracie to stay out of the knife drawer.
3. The family room: this is where the arguments over what to watch on TV generally happen. I will interpret the "carry on" to not stop until I have won.
4. The garage: This is where I store all our cleaning products, poisons (drano), and tools. This poster will be necessary if I ever find Gracie in there unsupervised. I am sure this will happen at some point.
5. My bathroom: Let's just say that pretty soon stretch marks will be the least of my problems.
6. The kid's bathroom: Let your imagination run wild...
7. The nursery: I think over the changing table would be the best spot.
8. Gracie's room: For the time she discovers she is now big enough to crawl out of her crib.
Mmm...The posters come in four different colors. Maybe I should simply by two of each, plaster them all over my house and call it a day.


  1. Oh Autumn, I love this post! And I love the poster. Keep Calm and Carry On. Fabulous. Wow, good luck to you! Only 12 weeks left!

  2. I'm afraid of what you mean by number 5 . . . and I thought there were no more mysteries left for me with pregnancy after all my friends have shared. Thanks for being vague.

  3. I could use one of those too. Let me know if it works for you. :)


  4. I seriously think you should get this and frame it. I think it would be a way cool decoration for a kitchen or bathroom area.