In Love...

I'm currently in love with all winter citrus fruits, from oranges, to mandarines, to clementines. I love everything about it, the sweetness, the tartness, the way my mouth puckers after eating way too much of it. I'm glad winter has its small burst of fruity deliciousness. Hopefully, this peak season of citrus will be enough to hold me over until spring strawberries, which usually bring tears to my eyes.


  1. I ate two oranges this afternoon after zesting them for breakfast bread pudding (made just for me - not company!) and I was thinking the same thing! LOVE LOVE LOVE citrus!

  2. How's your pregnancy coming along? Do you know what you are having? Life has been pretty crazy lately, but we need to get together in the new year.

  3. I agree with you on the winter citrus. Tangerines are my absolute favorite.

    Interestingly enough... Citrus is the most craved thing from pregnant women. :) Enjoy your healthy snack!


  4. Oh, my darling clementines! Those are my current favorite--not only do they have a fabulous juicy sweet flavor, but everything is better when it's miniaturized.

  5. Hmmmm...Clementines. The other day I grabbed one to eat and I noticed when I squeezed it a smoky something came out the top. I figured it was a particularly zesty Clementine (a little fermentation going on, if ya know what I mean ;)

    I chose to eat another one.

  6. Autumn- I love your blog! So glad you commented on mine so I could find it! Gracie is so big...and just as cute as ever!!!
    Congrats by the way...I think you announced right after I left!