New Design

Yesterday I decided I wanted to freshen up my blog for the new year. I sat and stared at my blogger template and realized I had no idea what I was doing. I sat there for quite awhile until I finally realized that I married a man who charges a hefty sum to do this sort of thing. Hello! This is the resulting conversation.

Me: Hi sweety. I want to do something new with my blog.
Sean: Okay, what were you thinking?
Me: Something with birds.
Sean: Birds?
Autumn: Yeah, birds, I've seen some really pretty bird designs lately, and birds are my favorite animal. But I don't want it to be a hokey bird or a stupid bird, but something clean, classy and simple.
Sean: Okay, send me examples.
Autumn: Oh...exciting, okay.

Later that day:

Sean is sitting at the computer making me an absolutely gorgeous header with flowers, because he knows I also harbor a fondness for nifty floral prints.
Autumn: (peeking over his shoulder) I love this. It is so gorgeous.

We spend the next two hours designing a cool flower header. Well, Sean designs and I nod, agree and tell him he's handsome.

After the new header is completed, I realize I need to follow my heart.

Autumn: Can you search for birds.
Sean: (sighs) Fine, but birds have the possibility of being silly.
Autumn: I know, but I just love birds. Right now.

Two hours later...ta da! My new header. I love the little birdy. She's cute yet slightly dorky. She also reminds of a bird that would appear on one of my mom's cross-stitches.

I owe a super big thanks to Sean, who spent an entire Friday night trying to please his picky, pink-eyed wife. I have a feeling that if he didn't love me, wasn't so very nice, and if I wasn't getting ready to bear him another child I would be getting a hefty bill in the mail.


  1. I'm in love with your new design. Your husband is muy talented!

  2. I like! You really need to write more...not like your not busy or anything.

  3. Looks great. It's fun to have a new look. :)


  4. Fancy! I like it! I'm having a hard time imagining birds going in a silly direction when you mix your classy style with Sean's mad computer skills. Although penguins in sunglasses can be a little tempting this time of year...

  5. Ooo, I like, I like! I also thought your previous blog was rather hilarious.