Random Thoughts....Again

Gracie has finally learned to smile for pictures, as a result Sean and I can't stop taking them.

Gracie might be pampered...just a little as this is the face I get when she really wants something. She may or may not have learned it from me.
Me: I want Cafe Rio for dinner.
Sean: The wait is always so long.
Me: (pouty face)
Sean: Okay.
Poor Sean.
Also, no baby yet, which is a good thing expect for the fact that I am ready for this pregnancy to be over and to meet our new little guy. He's getting big and hard to cart around.
Another thing, whenever I watch day time talk shows everyone is always talking about how busy everyone is. I find this not to be true. I think people make the time for things they want to do. For example, I should be busy getting ready for Jared, but all I really want to do is watch TV and move as little as possible. Thus, that is what I do. Instead of telling people this, I will tell them I am too busy to get my behind to the store to buy some binkys. I will then throw my hands in the air and protest that I just have no time.

Thanks to everyone who commented on my baby woes. I needed all the support I could get!


  1. what a cutie. and yes, she does look a lot like you (both smiling and pouting!). And I agree on the busy thing. I could force myself out of bed earlier in the morning and squeeze in the gym but mostly I like my bed and maybe I like the extra pounds to keep me warm on some level.
    But you have a much better excuse for not running errands - you are 9 months pregnant!!! Good luck and hopefully he will arrive soon!

  2. Hi Autumn, Gracie is so very cute. I would imagine she looks like you but since I only know your sister, I think she looks just like Jasmine!! :) Good luck with the new baby! And do you want to know something sad? I've never been to Cafe Rio before. Hope it was wonderful!

  3. Oh, I love the photos! She is getting so big! I just can't wait to meet Jared--just a little while longer.

    Jeanelle, we will work on the whole Cafe Rio thing, because that is serious.

  4. You ARE busy doing something--building a strong healthy boy! Seriously, be kind to yourself.

    Gracie is adorable. Every girl needs a good pouty face. And don't feel too bad for Sean, boys have their own version that's just a little more subtle (it's more about doe-eyes and a shy smile). If you haven't caught on to his yet, you will when you see it on the face of your sweet baby boy!

  5. I just can't get over how cute Gracie is! Adorable pictures. And heck, no worries, you get a binky at the hospital that will hold you over until you can get ones from the store. Just relax! You're 9 months pregnant and VERY busy! Best wishes!

  6. I tagged you!
    go to my blog to get the rules :)

  7. Ha! Gracie looks like you so much. That is great. It is like I am going back in time...for both looks. Is binkys in the plural form spelled like that? Or is it binkies? Hmmmm...

  8. oh my gosh, i miss gracie!! she is so beautiful. she can have anything she wants with aunt melinda with those cute looks. isn't this age sooooooooooooooo fun! i love it! i love the pics!

  9. okay seriously....i just had to comment again on how freaking adorable gracie is!! i want to eat her cheeks!

  10. Very cute. Such a great smile. :) Nia has that same sweater!


  11. I am sure it is binkies. To all this has bothered, I truly apologize. :)

  12. She's soooo pretty. She'll be a heartbreaker. Yes, I agree about the busy thing, too. And, I think that people want to fill their time with stuff that's not important (tons of sports for their kids, etc) so they don't have to do the hard stuff (spend time with their kids).