Dear blog readers...here is the thing, the only thing I seem capable of doing is sitting and seeing if I can feel any contractions while watching "America's Best Dance Crew". The other day Sean left his keys stuck in the lock outside our front door. Thankfully, we didn't have any curious robbers as they would have found a welcome invitation to come in and steal our couch. I have decided that I will postpone blogging until I have a darling picture of a newborn to show you. Until then, Sean and I are going to keep an eye on each other and make sure no one accidentally starts the house on fire.

The latest a newborn picture will arrive will be on Feb. 27 as I will be induced on the 26th, but it might just be sooner seeing as things seem to be progressing. You never know.

Until then, I will happily stalk every other blog, just not mine. Wish me luck! Because boy I sure am anxious to meet the little fellow that keeps on shoving his small foot into my lungs and to move forward with my life.


  1. Oh...I'll miss your blog :( But I can't wait until Jared!! Yay~!

  2. I'll miss your posts but good luck. :) I hope all goes well. :)


  3. good luck! Can't wait to see the photos . . . I'll miss you while you are away!

  4. How exciting.. Jared is almost here! Good luck with the delivery. I can't wait to see him. And I'll have to come and visit you!

  5. Good luck and many, many congratulations! I'm excited to see (and read about) your new little bundle!