So...My Zuchinni called

to let me know it was ready for the state fair, or to be used as a weapon, if the need arise. It's a very accommodating vegetable. I roasted him with a little bit of oil, salt and pepper.
This picture makes me happy. I like to see the genetics at play here. Also, I like that it's a cute photo. I'm not a camera mastermind. To say the least. I must post the few that turn out.

Here's a cute shot of my little one, so you can see him before I show you this:

Not only did he crack his teeth, but he had to suffer the indignities of his father pushing on his nose.
Peace. Autumn


  1. Oh so many things to say. 1) Poor Jared, 2) You're funny, 3)These photos make me miss you, 4)love the hair! 5) You're really, really funny

  2. I started to imagine what the zucchini was saying back to you. I'm pretty sure it said "cute hair!"

  3. Your zucchini called me too... in the middle of the night. Please take away it's phone privledges for a while and teach it some phone manners. :)

  4. Oh no! Poor little guy! My 16 month old cracked her tooth too... what do you do? just wait till they fall out? Oh, poor little man! Gracie is getting SO big... she's adorable!