Don't worry, I'm still alive

Okay, everyone. You can rest easy. I'm still alive.
I just sort of forgot I had a blog. And who is going to update it if not me? Obviously, no one.

Lets go for random and no pictures because I'm on the computer with no pictures.

* Jared fell off Gracie's bed and smacked his face on the bottom of it. He broke his front tooth in such a way that he has to have surgery because the root is exposed. He's already had a root canal to help keep the pain away. Be grateful I'm not posting photos.

* Really. Why couldn't he just get a mongo chipped tooth? No. When he does something. He goes big. Like his mother.

* We've been on a GuVac for the fourth of July weekend and beyond. Way beyond. Sean had the entire week off work, so we decided to drive to all the Whole Foods in Utah and stay in hotels.

* We don't have a Whole Foods close to us and for this I feel very ripped off.

*We also learned more about pioneers, went to Lagoon, and did some shopping.

* I turned thirty and did not accomplish half of what was on my list.

* I feel okay about that.

*I got a Nook.

*I believe Sean also likes my Nook. Not to read with (which is my purpose), but to tinker. New gizmos are always fun.

* I feel positive that my e-book buying might get out of hand. It's just so easy!

*It's hot today.

*I think I'm done.

Well, dear friends, until another month or so.
Who knows, in three weeks I might get crazy and post a photo of Jared's teeth. Or maybe his new smile after surgery.

- Autumn


  1. A root canal at 2! Poor sweetheart. I'm jealous of the Nook. My co-worker has the new Kindle. I would be so paranoid of dropping it in the bathtub, because I do a bunch of reading while the boys splash in the tub.

  2. Welcome back! I think random is the best way to baby-step back into blogging. Sad to hear about Jared's tooth.