Strangeness of it all...

So, I know you are dying to know why I don't blog much anymore. Admit it. Well, for one, I've been running twice this week and now I can't move my body. I know that doesn't explain my blogging lag, but I wanted to get it in there.

I've been working on a new novel and am in a very nauseating third round of edits. Really...I, don't, know, how, to, use, commas. It's a time killer.

To the fun part! I googled: Can I bury a person in my backyard? That is exactly how I typed it in. I looked over my shoulder because it made feel all creepy. It has to do with my novel. Eleanor's (my main character) grandma is buried in Eleanor's meadow. After my little Google search... turns out that's ILLEGAL! Apparently a lot of people want to be buried on a beach and no one wants a surprise when gardening. Kudos to my mom for picking that guffaw out. Only a million more to go...boo.

Anyway, it's not everyday a gal gets to type something so dark and gross into google. Lucky!

Carry on...


  1. congrats on the running and the writing! I'm so impressed with all my friends writing novels.
    As for googling strange things, someone somewhere (maybe facebook?)suggested typing "why" into google. You know how google likes to be all helpful and make suggestions to finish your search question? Well. Take a look at the suggestions that crop up with that one simple word. Frightening.

  2. This is so bizarre -- I had a dream that someone in your family WANTED to be buried under my swingset in my back yard. It was a happy time too. Very weird. You and I were trying to move the slide together. I'm serious.

    Maybe it just means we should get together soon and laugh.

  3. Dear sis, I do believe you CAN at least in some states/regions bury family members on private property. You need to get a permit and do so properly. I think it is less and less common, but possible, given the right set of circumstances. I think it would be awesome to be buried in the back yard.

  4. I'm a crack editor. I know you don't have any reason to believe that's true, but it is. I'd love to look at it -- not just for the love of editing but also because Jasmine tells me your writing is hilarious. Anyway, if you feel so inclined ...

    I'm working on my own novel, but I doubt it's as fun as what you're doing!

  5. Keep running & editing, girl. You can do it!

  6. Long time no see! We need another girl's night... one that doesn't end in sobbing tears. haha! :) xoxo

  7. Well, I don't have anything as profound as "Chinese Characters", but way to go for keeping up with both running and writing! You are inspiring.

    Also, what if her grandmother had been cremated (sp.?) and had her ashes spread or urn buried in the garden? That might be more legal.