2009 Here I come!

I recently happened upon a journal entry penned by myself when I was a mere nine years-old. And yes, there it was, amidst my feelings about my mother's macaroni and cheese, what my cat did, and school yard crushes, was a list of goals. A lot of them very similar to the ones I always have on my mind. I don't know if I should find this disturbing (seriously, could I not have mastered these already?) or humorous (almost twenty years later, turns out I'm still the same person).

Anyway, this year instead of all my regular resolutions...I'm going to go a little different. Let me explain. The following is a list of the resolutions I should be making.

1. Losing weight. This was not on my list when I was nine. However, "better grooming" was (mwhahahaha). I find that so amusing, as I still never make time to properly pluck my eyebrows. Moving along....I think they fall in the same category. I think I've finally come to a point in my life where I've realized if I'm not eating healthy and doing a serious cardio workout at least every other day, my happiness begins to suffer. As a result this is not a resolution, just a way to keep my happy flowing.

2. Be a better mom. I don't think this needs to be a resolution for me. Because, I truly believe the majority of moms wake up every morning wanting to do the best by their offspring. I know this is true of me. If I'm already doing my best...well, that's my best. Can't do any better, no resolution there.

3. Increasing my spirituality. This was a goal on my nine-year old list in the form of "read the Book of Mormon". It is not a resolution for the same reason that losing weight and being healthy is not a resolution. If I relax on my spirituality for even three days, I feel my happiness level begin to drop. So, it's more like a need, like water and food for me. I can always do better...but there will always be room for improvement in this area. I will take it a day at a time.

So...now for the fun part! What are my new year resolutions? Now that I've successfully disposed of the heavy resolutions and why I'm not making them, I say go for the frivolous! Go for the fun! Go for the slightly silly!

1. Make my house cute. When I moved into my current house I was in a terrible pregnancy state that caused me to crawl up the stairs at the end of the night due to fatigue. Then, I had Jared and the year flew by. Now that things have slowed down I've realized I haven't moved in yet. I find this annoying and full of possibilities. I will organize (I just moved all my junk), I will paint (finally), I will decorate!

2. Write! This is a resolution because if I am not writing at least a half an hour a day, I feel all weird and bothered. This means I've felt all weird and bothered for a year and a half. Thankfully, I've been too busy to notice. But now, the feeling is back. I need to get back to the pen and paper. The idea makes me happy....really happy...kiss! This will be the hardest one for me to keep because I only have so many spare hours. I might have to say good-bye to the television or to sleep. I haven't decided which one yet.

3. Umm...that's it folks! This even startles me! I love goals, I love resolutions, but I only have three spare hours a day, and I think I just filled them. Besides, I don't want to overload myself. If I did want to overload myself, I think I would learn to speak french. Everyday I wake up wondering if there will be a reason for me to fly to France. I think "to practice my French" qualifies as a perfectly understandable reason. I saw an infomercial about a Rosetta stone that would help me learn french in three months. I almost bought it. Almost.

But I got enough to do...


  1. I love your theory about those heavy goals. I totally agree--they shouldn't be resolutions for those very reasons. I have so many goals/hopes running around in my head, I need to look at them realistically and jot them down.

  2. What a sophisticated little lady you were at 9 years old! This was the year that I also realized my so-called New Year's resolutions were really extentions of my long-term goals. Wishing you good luck in all your goals--may 2009 be the year all your dreams come true!!